Amazon Opens Cloud Player Music Streaming Service for Mac OS X, PC and Android Phones

Jeff Bezos and his team are really very aggressive this year. After recently releasing their already-controversial and already in-litigation AppStore, they are again trying to further provoke Apple. Amazon just went live with their new Cloud Player streaming music service for PC, Mac OS X computers and new Android phones!

Amazon Cloud Player on PC, Mac and Android Mobile Phones Release Date and Features

Amazon's Music Store may soon win more converts away from iTunes with this free music streaming service.

Apple is currently the king of online music sales while Amazon is a distant third. But this might change soon, while Apple or Google has yet to deliver on their promise of cloud-based music streaming business, Amazon already beat them to the punch. Starting on April 3, current Amazon customers in the US can now upload their favorite MP3 songs to their free 5GB cloud servers on Amazon servers.

Once uploaded to Amazon Cloud Player server, a user’s song collection can be streamed anytime, anywhere to any computer or Android phone! If you have a very large collection of MP3 music, don’t worry! Amazon is offering Cloud Player customers a further 20GB of storage. One has only to buy a full Amazon MP3 album of their favorite singers and they automatically get another 20GB of Cloud Player storage!

Furthermore, if you buy an MP3 song from Amazon and upload it to Cloud Player, it will not be counted from your 5GB free storage! Wow, Amazon is really dissing it off against Apple’s iTunes Music Store! With this free cloud streaming service, I’m sure more people will opt to buy from Amazon’s music store now!

The Amazon Cloud Player will also support storage and streaming of MP3 and AAC file formats! Again, Apple was the first company to make AAC famous when it introduced it on iTunes in 2003. Jeff Bezos is a very naughty boy, he is obviously poking fun against Apple’s ridiculous legal suit against Amazon!

Too bad, only American customers can use Cloud Player for now. Hopefully, Amazon will expand this streaming service to other parts of the planet like in the UK, Canada, India, China, Germany, et al.


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