iTunes Store Hacking More Widespread, Other Apps Developers Suspected as Hackers

In my previous article I reported that an Asian app developer named Thuat Nguyen was suspended by Apple due to criminal activities. He was suspected to have stolen other people’s accounts in iTunes AppStore and used them to buy his paid book apps since April this year. I also said in my earlier report that I doubt if Nguyen is alone in this hacking fiasco. My suspicion has just been confirmed, Apple has discovered other thieving app developers who are either under investigation or already suspended. These illicit app developers were also found out to have sold too many of their software products even though some of there are just plain useless apps.

Hackers in iTunes Store aka Fake App Developers

This one shows an obvious fake apps farmers who sell worthless apps in iTUnes AppStore

Aside from Thuat Nguyen who managed to do the impossible in getting 40 of his worthless paid books in the top 50 list of best-selling iTunes Books, here are the other notorious app developers cum hackers. This list of iTunes AppStore hackers have been released by very reliable sources so beware of these apps sellers on iTunes:

1. Charismaist

Charismaist had only 3 apps for sale but angry customers have reported that they were charged up to $600 for this developer’s apps which were all found to be fake. The website link to this developer’s homepage was also fictitious.

2. Wiishii Network

Wiishii’s modus operandi is the same with Thuat Nguyen. Wishii Network apps also dominate the Top Travel iPad Apps List with 29 out of 50. With thousands of developers competing in the iOS platform, it is nearly improbable for one guy to dominate sales like this.

3. Storm 8

Here’s another suspicious app developer that gives away free iPhone games but charges players with excessive in-game items. Storm 8 sells honor points for its games for as high as $149.99. One customer reported to Apple that this app developer charged his credit card more than $1,400 for a Storm 8’s game called World War at $160 per transaction! The victim complained that Apple did not extend any help except advised him to reset his password.

4. Brighthouse Labs

Brighthouse Labs is the grand-daddy of all apps farmers. This app developer has 4,568 worthless apps for sale at the iTunes Store. I do not know why Apple has not yet implemented measures to prevent app farmers like these from scamming people.

That’s not all of them, there are other scammers and hackers pretending to be legit app developers. The meteoric rise of the iTunes Store has given criminals the chance to steal money quickly from unsuspecting users. This should be a warning to all iTunes account holders, always check your charges for suspicious transactions. Right now, Apple has no way of preventing sophisticated criminals from selling worthless apps. Reset your password regularly and do not download apps or games from unknown app developers!

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