Imageshack Hacked by Anti-Sec Movement (Unknown and Angry)

Imageshack Hacked! Imageshack was allegedly hacked by an anonymous group called “Anti-Sec Movement”. All photos hosted with Imageshack have been replaced with the one shown below. The group has been successful in hacking Imageshack, one of the most popular image hosting websites.

If you have an account with Imageshack, don’t be shocked if your site suddenly shows up this same photo for your all embedded images. Imageshack has been hacked and it seems it’s helpless up to this time to defend itself against threats like this one:

Imageshack Hacked by an Unknown Group Called Anti-Sec Movement

Imageshack Hacked by an Unknown Group Called Anti-Sec Movement

Finally, if you are annoyed by this incident, you can always transfer your photos from Imageshack to other photo hosting sites such as Flickr or Photobucket. It’s entirely your choice. Just wait for this problem/issue to be over in a few days.

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