How to Update Windows Defender in Windows Vista

This is a simple tutorial on how to update Windows Defender along with the malicious software removal tool from Microsoft Corporation (see previous article about the tool). If you’re running Windows Vista and have turned the automatic security update function, your PC should be downloading the Windows security updates (eg, Windows Defender) from Microsoft’s server without a hitch. But just in case you have forgotten to turn it on and decided to update the Windows Defender manually, here are the simple steps:

Windows Defender Update in Windows Vista

1) Go to Control Panel -> System and Maintenance -> Windows Update

2) Click on Check for Updates link located on the upper lefthand corner of your screen (see screenshot below, click on image to enlarge)

Windows Defender

Windows Defender

3) Check the radio button of the updates you want to install, in this case, check on the Definition Update for Windows Defender and hit the Install button and wait for the installation to finish.

Windows Defender Automatic Update

Windows Defender Automatic Update

Windows Defender can pretty much give you a first line of defense against Conficker C virus and other malicious softwares that you might know are already running in the background (because of their stealth capability). Get all the necessary protection you need especially if you are frequently online. Update Windows Defender and get the protection you and your computer deserves. It’s always better to be safe than sorry later on. ;-)

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  1. prince says:

    pls my windows defender can’t update and is prompting me error code 0x80240016 what am i to do,
    2. my windows update also can’t update all the windows update successfully