Download Free Anti-virus Software, Firewall Software and Secure Email Software for Your Online Protection

There are many computer tools like free anti-virus softwares, firewall softwares and secure email softwares that can be downloaded over the internet. The reason why computer tools like these are needed is simple: you can’t trust everything online. When you transact online, it’s possible that you could be hijacked by malwares like the Limbo malware, or when you open your email, your mailbox could be infected by the alleged Torch/Invitation Virus. Even cell phones could be attacked by viruses. WTF!!

Is online security very difficult to attain these days? Not necessarily. A trusted internet is possible if you have the proper tools. Keep your personal computer safe and protected. That’s the best advice I can tell you. When accessing a website, check the site’s SSL certificate if it’s safe to do business through it. A site’s SSL certificate could tell you if it’s protected from hackers or not.

For more details on how your computer can be protected, you may visit the following web address: You can find there free tools that can be downloaded like a firewall software, secure email software, anti-virus software, memory firewall software, antispam software and many more.

Always keep your PC protected. Don’t divulge important information to anybody online as easy as that. Make sure the site that you deal with has a good reputation for protecting its clients. Be conscious with internet security. Update your anti-virus databases everyday and schedule a PC maintenance on a regular basis.

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  1. madan says:

    i would like to use trial version for the time being.

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  3. jessie says:


    it’s ok bro. ganyan din ako minsan. nagaabsent sa blogging. at any rate, i suggest you try the internet security tools mentioned here. they’re great actually.

  4. juler says:

    hello brother… langya ang dami nanating websites ah… nakakahinga ka pa ba nyan? hehehe magatal rin akong nawala hehehe… ingat bro..

    julers last blog post..I joined DiscountClick