60 Minutes Virus: Conficker C Worm in the Works

The Conficker C Worm or Conficker C Virus is presented in 60 minutes, a CBS show. The 60 Minutes virus discussion (video interview below) deals with the possible infection computer might experience on April Fool’s Day. According to the report of 60 minutes, the virus is being tracked by Symantec, a world leader in computer and internet security. The April 1st virus, 60 Minutes stated has been haunting internet users since November 2008.

Watch the 60 Minutes Virus video below and learn more about the April 1 Virus.

Update: Please be informed that the 60 Minutes Virus discussion in the video did not mention that the Conficker Worm only affects Windows-based computers. Those who are running Linux need not worry about this virus infection. We’d like to make it clear here that Conficker C Virus only affects computers running Windows operating systems.

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