Vector Scam: Is Vector Marketing a Scam?

Why is Vector Marketing considered a scam? For some experts in the industry, the Vector Scam as many claim, is not a new thing online. People entice you to buy products and promise a quick return of your investment and/or offer you jobs. The plot of Vector Scam is not too different from all other scams identified in the past.

How does Vector Scam operate? First off, we’re not claiming ourselves that Vector Marketing is a scam. We’re simply stating here the experiences of past “victims”, so to speak. Now, the operation. Vector Marketing targets students in the United States by enticing them to buy a “kit” worth $145 dollars in exchange for sales jobs that will earn them around 15 dollars an hour to sell Cutco cutlery. Other benefits might also be promised by Vector, who knows? For students who need money for their tuition fee, credit card payments, etcetera, this deal will definitely sound irresistible. However, after purchasing the kit for the amount mentioned above, the victim realizes that he will not make as much money as expected. After paying for the kit plus training fees, the victim will end up frustrated and Vector will be laughing its way to the bank.

You see, these plots are old school stuff in online scamming. If you think the Vector Scam has found its way to you via email marketing or other methods of communication, think twice. It’s still up to you if you wish to listen to their representatives who will do everything to convince you to join their team and pay up the fees they require. However, bear in mind that there is no royal road to making money online or offline. Deals promised by companies behind Vector Marketing that sound too good to be true needs further scrutiny. Don;t be a victim of Vector Scam. Be vigilant and use your head if it’s really worth paying $145 just to “earn 15 bucks per hour”. If you suspect something is a fraud or an act is fraudulent, you better stay away from it. Just a friendly advice.

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  1. Mr Anony says:

    Vector is definitely a scam. Go to

    Thank you for posting this and it is a shame that many fall victim to this calculated scam.

  2. Matt says:

    Vector sucks. Their knives suck. In fact, anyone that defends this poor business practice also sucks. Do you suck too?

  3. Bre says:

    Vector is not a scam. I work here. The amount you pay for the starter kit is only 145$ 1/6 of the price of what it really costs. You can’t give out expensive knives to all employers because the chances of us getting them back are slim. Lifeguarding costs the same amount for their training. You make as much as you put into it, if you suck and don’t do your job then yes it is easy to blame it on the company. Don’t be lazy, just do your job. If you think it’s a scam, then fine. Just don’t take the job. Don’t talk shit about it

  4. Natalie says:

    I placed a “job” with Vector Marketing, selling CUTCO products about 4 weeks ago. During that time I could only get my aunt to buy a set from me, so I figured I needed to find another job, something that I can rely on…

    I remembered from my “training” that my employer Matt Storm told us at any time we need to quit, we could bring our sample kit($150.47) back to him and get our check back on the spot. He assured me that my check would not be spent and that it was a DEPOSIT we could get back at anytime. Bull shit.

    I contacted Matt telling him I would be returning my set and tried to set a time with him to get my check back. His only response was “you have to send your knives to Olean, NY. I dont have your money”. I’m not saying this company is a scam, but its full of nothing but smooth talking sales men tryin’ to get their little pyramid scheme going. Listen to your mothers when they warn you about this.

  5. Mike says:

    Ya I agree with you guys, I totally thought vector was a scam after the interview. No way would the company pay me 16.75 pet appointment even if they didn’t buy anything. They would be bankrupt if that were the case. But I wanted to prove myself wrong, so I did 35 appointments my first week, sold $5500 and made $800. Scam? I’m starting to have my doubts. Then the recession hit and there would be no way people would buy knives, so I went out to prove myself wrong, and I did, again. I’ve sold $70,000 of Cutco as a full time student, and I just got promoted to become a branch manager in Fairbanks, Alaska. This job helped turn my life around, and I can’t wait to help other people like myself become bigger versions of themselves. I’m loving life! Thanks vector for mailing me a letter!

  6. Adam says:

    Jennifer i completely agree with you, i had my interview yesterday at vector. i believe that this company is preying on teen and young adults to work for them, all the older people went home and all the people my age all got hired after they said not everyone will be hired. After doing some research on the company, i believe it is scam and will not be going to the UNPAID training!, like seriously what company would not pay u for training. I hope that the people i was in the room realize this and dont go for the training for their own good and so they dont waste their time.

  7. Jennifer says:

    “the training is 100% free”

    Huh? You shouldn’t be paying your boss for training in the first place; he should be paying you. It’s not “free” training, it’s unpaid training.

    These “training” sessions are also extremely unethical. The company actively recruits and preys on people in their late teens/early twenties, people who are naive and impressionable. During these day-long sessions, these kids aren’t given any time to eat, they’re blasted with loud music, and they’re constantly being harassed by their frighteningly enthusiastic managers. The managers supervise absolutely everything – if the recruits start to have doubts that hey, this isn’t how a normal job should treat you, expect a smiling manager to quickly step in and make sure that conversation never happens. They want the trainees weak and confused so that when they show video after video that CutCo is great and not actually a shoddy, overpriced product, these kids will believe it. These kids’ minds are so numbed by the end of these sessions that they don’t question it when they’re pressured to cough up the names and numbers of their friends and loved ones.

    Every “training session” is run this way, no matter where you go. They are recorded by the company and carefully scripted and worded so that they can land on just this side of legal. Never expect a Vector employee to talk to you like a human being. Never expect to have a real, honest conversation with any of them. They have a script handy and a pat response for every situation. If you’re on the phone with one of them and you say something that’s not in their manual, they will pause, scramble and fail to look up your response, and say something that’s completely irrelevant to the conversation.

    The reason that I’m so volatile about Vector is the creepy, underhanded psychological manipulation that Vector puts a bunch of teenagers through. It’s a shame that a company like this still exists, and it’s a shame that there are people out there who are greedy and immoral enough to defend these practices.

  8. victor nguyen says:

    i have nothing against you and i am not an employee at vector but you really need to do your research before calling adding the word “scam” on a company. One of my dear friends is working with vector and apparently the training is 100% free and the 140 dollars for the sample kits or demo kits are just deposits….u get the money back if u free that the job is not right for you.

    i do agree that if a deal is too good to be true then it probably is….do i recommend this job to people? no way its like door to door sales but with your family or friends, i could never sale shit to any of my family or friends unless if its something that they really want or need.

  9. Tiffany says:

    The cost of the Cutco sample set is refunded in full when the samples are returned. I used to work for Vector Marketing and do not feel I was scammed in any way. I was able to make my own schedule, which helped because I was a student, and made good money for the time I put into it.

  10. LaReesha says:

    Oh put a lid on it Jared,

    Another troll trying to lie to defend scam companies like Vector. NO legitimate job requires that you BUY the supplies from the company. Quit scamming students. You should be ashamed of yo self honey !

  11. Jared says:

    oh and don’t base your opinions on vector on what you experienced at ONE OFFICE. each one is different, each one is independently run. The tampa,FL office is a well-oiled machine and the managers are ALWAYS there to help you. so suck it sadako.

  12. Jared says:

    I have been working with Vector for over a month now and I have no idea what you are talking about. I’ve made more in one month than I have in any previous SUMMER. my first week I earned over 500 dollars in income. The more you sell the higher your promotions go so you can eventually make 50% of everything you sell. My average order is over 270 dollars. Oh and did i mention that the initial starter set is tax-deductible? so is EVERY MILE YOU DRIVE. These knives are the highest quality availiable and have been featured on Modern Marvels, Made in America, MTV, Saturday Night Live, oh and they recieved a CONSUMER’S DIGEST BEST BUY AWARD. we aren’t scamming ANYONE. The only people who don’t succeed at Vector are the one’s who don’t put forth the effort to succeed.

  13. sadako shinae says:

    I have to agree with the majority of the comments here. The Vector Marketing thing is a huge scam. I have listed my reasons in bullet form:

    -They target young people, usually teenagers at the high school level and sometimes college students.
    -They send you a letter informing you about something called the “Position” but they don’t tell you what the position is, you have to schedule an interview.
    -They give you plenty of perks, and the best one is definitely the pay. A teenager may easily look over the deliberately abbreviated note saying: “$16.75 base-apt.” and think that the job is actually paying 16+ bucks an hour. However this is untrue because that abbreviaton stands for “based on appointment”
    —in other words, you only get paid when you make a sale.
    -The interview office is a cheap room that they most likely rented just for interviews. They act like they just moved in and everything is still being set up, but the signs were duct taped to the wall outside and the office doesn’t even have a finished floor, just cement.
    -Before the interview, there are about 30 people in the room, some are going out and some are coming in. They said business hours were from 8am-10pm and interviews were about 2 hours per group. Doing a little math, I figured about 230 applicants were interviewed all day. And yet they were able to call me almost immediately after I got home to tell me that I got the job!? There’s no way that over the course of 30 minutes the interviewer would be able to go through all 230 applications and select me as the top pick for the job. I mean, there were college graduates with more experience than anyone else in the room, yet they chose me? Something was really fishy at this point
    -I simply assumed that everyone that went in for the interview that day was hired. Why? Because in the interview they specifically mentioned a three day job training seminar that ends with you buying a “demo set” of the knives they sell. Which is $145. During the interview, they said the 145 dollars was only a security deposit and was only there to make sure that people didn’t steal the knives and that is understandable except for the fact that they have your name, number, and address and who’s going to get away with that anyway? I later did some online research only to find out that the purchase wasn’t refundable, and that’s why Vector should hire every applicant they come accross and encourage them to go to training. So that they can get scammed.
    -Just to be nice, when I found out about all this, I called the place and explained to them that I could not take the job because my parents would not allow it. Which was true. The woman on the other line suddenly switched from friendly, business tone to pushy, annoying saleswoman tone in an instant. She told me to “just do it” (seriously, are we selling knives or drugs here?) and “just go get a ride from a friend” (ok, drugs then) and basically told me to ignore my parents because once I got the job they would be “ok with it”. Right, because she obviously knows my parents. The end of the call was what really pissed me off. I basically said “No, I can’t make it, sorry.” and she said, “You know, we chose you out of hundereds of applicants. I’ll be expecting to see you there.” At which point I simply had to hang up on her.
    -Oh and another thing about the interview. They tell you not to be a pushy salesman, and don’t overly exaggerate the product and all this bullshit about honesty. How repulsive. Lecturing us about honesty while they are taking advantage of teenagers and lying to our faces. Is that irony?

    • Adam says:

      @sadako shinae, woww this was exactly my experience, thanks for letting us all know about this place

  14. Katrina says:

    I’ll tell you one thing about Vector, because I was previously employed with for 2 weeks, and that one thing is that THEY WILL SCREW YOU OVER WITH YOUR PAYCHECK!! My manager promised me that I would get payed $20 an appointment and in the 2 weeks that I was employed, I had 13 appointments and I was suppose to have $260 but I only got $60 in my check and not to mention that they deducted $35 out of that $60 for a trip to Burmingham, Alabama that I never went to in the first place and that left me with $25.

  15. LaReesha says:

    This sounds like NY Promotional Events in Deer Park, NY. They do the same thing- lure college students and young adults with offers for a “marketing position” when in reality we were “hired” to solicit. Oh yeah, no real salary too..just commission.


  16. LOL at NYLYN says:

    What is more predictable? The sun rising each morning or some rep/manager from Vector trolling the internet claiming that all the truth tellers just don’t WORK HARD like he/she did. Give it a rest you 2 bit shill and go defend a few more lawsuits. You can’t polish a turd Nylyn, but you can polish my knob you bottom feeder.

  17. Paul says:

    Vector is a despicable company that preys on college students. They deceive their victims with the promise of money and flexible hours. Then they swindle them out of $145 for a demonstration knife set and make them pay to attend mandatory conferences. There is a reason that Vector has been sued numerous times: Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (1999), Wisconsin Consumer Protection Dept (1994),and Arizona Attorney General (1992)just to count a few.

    Stay away from these cons.

    • Andre says:

      I currently work 4 vector and i’m very close to quitting because it is a waste of time and money. the pay is not consistient you have to make it consistent. I only made $200 and i am not very proud. If the company wasn’t a “postive” atmosphere, i would been out a long time ago. Those “phone jams” burned a hole in my phone bill. I also hated the meetings because the meetings finished up very late at night. Plus the economy makes it harder to sell. Nobody wants buy a $900 dollar set when they can buy on for WAAAAY less at wal-mart or other places. The way they make u present made me feel robotic cuz it didnt sound like me at all. The good thing is the knives are good. Once i get a consistent-paying job LATER VECTOR!!!!!! If u get a ad in the mail about vector don’t go it’s not worth it.

  18. Nylyn says:


    I am actually a sales representative for Vector Marketing. I have no clue where you received your information from, but whatever you are talking about is definitely not connected with the Vector I work for. It must be some scammer using Vector’s name to rip people off. Vector Marketing is a legitimate company which markets for Cutco, a very respectable line of cutlery. We do not operate over the internet like you suggest. We have offices across the country, and I personally have been very satisfied with the sales experience that I’ve received through Vector. Vector Marketing operates very legitimately. I had to go in for an interview to receive the job. We also have to sign sales rep contracts, just like you would do in any job. My pay checks are even direct deposited to my bank account, just like any job! I don’t know what “scam” would do that. In fact, in my first week, I more than doubled the cost of my sample kit on my pay check. The samples, by the way, can be returned at the end of the job for a full refund (it is simply a security deposit). And I know many others who can attest to the fact that they have made real, legitimate income through their HARD WORK of marketing Cutco, not through some get-rich-quick scheme.

    • R. DAWG says:


    • Past employee says:

      Really, Vector isn’t the best career move ever, it can be difficult to sell the cutlery at times BUT this article is completely BIAS. The potential to make money with vector is unlimited if your really put the time into it. They DONT make you pay for training and they DO buy back the $145 sample pack. It really isn’t a bad summer job, you get some solid experience. I didnt love the company and how it was run, some things were fairly unprofessional, but a scam? No way.

    • Joe white says:

      @Nylyn, Think about it man, who the hell would buy f*cking knives at this time. We are in a recession and are still contracting. Vector might have worked differently when you started and you might have had a cheaper price put up for your starting kit crap but after going to that building for an “interview” and 6 hour unpaid training, not worth the hundred something I paid for that trip. Driving from house to house and to those pointless meetings are a waste of money too. Unless you’re rich then Vector is no problem, watever. But people f*cking fall into this trap thinking that they will make hella money from vector f*cking marketing but they end up stopping because some finally realize that this shit is bullshit. a REAL JOB does not require an employee to PAY BEFORE THEY START. what the f*ck is that? why can’t we earn the f*cking money ourselves and pay the company if anything or something. That is ridiculous. And plus its so funny how one thinks that they can sell knives forever, especially mediocre ones like Cutco.

      • Kenneth says:

        @Joe white, Well I will say that I have worked at many jobs where you have to get a new wardrobe shoes and such that you must PAY for i mean nothing is free, and does it not cost money to drive to work that you never get back from the company?? Recession ya i understand that may be harder to sell right now, but you get money wether you sell or not. Yes there are certain requirments that the person you set up the appointment with must meet, but from a buisness standpoint it makes sense to make sure that the seller is not just going to ever person the can and find out later that there was not even a chance of a sale that would just be stupid of the company. So i’m not sure how i see the company as a scam, to me there knives actually seem pretty good, maybe not the best in the world bet definatley a solidly good knife. Well Hope you don’t take offense to my response, but I do believe that people should have a little bit more of an open mind.

        • Vector says:

          @Kennetht, yo this is a total scam and ur a representative who wants peoples money to spend on cars n stuff, who wants knives these days they just good for killin people n seriosuly i walked into a room n 30 seconds im guarannted a job like what the F**K he didnt even know anything about me i cud be the most fuked up candidate everr n the room he did my interview smelt like shit fukin buy fresheners seriously, i’m goin to come down to NY to the head quarters n take a shit on the managers face who runs this BS company. have a good day sir!

    • Vector Scam says:

      This is a fukin scam, all they do is make them give u 145$ for knives u wont be even to sell like seriously who the fck needs knives these days maybe back 40 years ago all they do is put u in a shitty ass room n make sum retard say 5 words and then ur hired guaranteed then they take ur money and giv u a big ass fck u and u get fuked over by these motherfukers so fuk Vector n ossis