Toshiba Regza ISO4 Droid Phone with Android OS 2.1 Unveiled

This is a surprise, Toshiba is now venturing into Android smartphones and so is Sharp with its Sharp ISO3 Android Phone to be released initially in Japan. While the company is more famous for their laptops and other computer products, they just announced their entry in the Android phone business via the new Regza ISO4 phone which will soon be available on January 2011.

Toshiba Regza ISO4 Release Date

Toshiba has a new super Android phone in the making with the Regza ISO4

The Toshiba Regza ISO4 is an Android OS 2.1 Eclair phone initially to be released on the Japanese market next year. It’s a powerhouse phone that features a Zen-like and simple sharp and squarish design.

The most impressive feature of the Regza ISO4 is that it comes with a 12.19 megapixel camera! This is higher resolution than the 12 MP camera found on the Nokia N8! Toshiba used a DSLR-quality CMOS sensor to this phone’s camera, making sure it will produce superb pictures.

Toshiba engineers also made the Regza fully waterproof, making it safe to handle under the rain or under water should you desire to check your Twitter or Facebook under those circumstances!

Underneath it all, Toshiba put a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor to the Regza, making it at par with famous Android phones like the Verizon Motorola Droid X and Sprint HTC Evo 4G. The 4-inch capacitive display also offers a sharp resolution of 854 x 480 resolution.

I’m also happy to learn that the Toshiba Regza ISO4 also comes equipped with a powerful LED flashlight for emergency purposes. The Japanese are always so practical!

Of course, expect this phone to have all the necessary connectivity features. Toshiba revealed that the Regza will have superspeed 3G capabilities that can support up to 9.2 Mbps download speed and up to 5.5 Mbps upload.

Price is not yet final and no word if Toshiba will ever release the Regza at other countries. For now, Japanese consumers will definitely have this phone this coming January.

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