Stores Open on New Years Day in the US: Walmart and Others

According to reports, stores open on New Years Day include Walmart, BestBuy, KMart, Circuit City. Many people even ask if Walmart is open on New Years Day? The logical answer is “Yes, stores are open on New Years day”. However, depending on the location of the store you want to shop in, those stores may not be open. Check your local stores if they open on New Years Day. Some of these stores’ sale promo or deals are: Bestbuy’s iPhone 3G deals/promo, Walmart’s New Year 2009 iPhone 3G Sale, etc.

Grocery stores may not be open on New Years Day and definitely, public offices will be closed. Schools will also be closed (so that students will enjoy the New Years). Just like the Black Friday and Cyber Monday events in the US where stores are open and shoppers get big discounts, the New Years are two of the biggest events upon the onset of 2009 which force these stores to open on New Years day of 2009.

Happy New Years to Everyone!

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