Smartbro Upgrade: Smart Bro to Upgrade Bandwidth

We’re back to using Smartbro (Smart Bro to some) after knowing that Digitel DSL and PLDT myDSL are not available in our area. Our original plan was to have two internet connections since our place receives weak signal after asking our new neighbors about Smartbro’s performance.

First off, we just moved in to our new place and our Digitel DSL internet connection had to be reconnected, which would take some time. The only option for us before moving to this place was to have our old Smartbro reconnected to avoid not having an internet connection for weeks in our new “haven”.

Smartbro LogoWhen the time to connect the new Smartbro antenna came, one of the technicians tipped us that in June of 2009, Smartbro will upgrade its services to its subscribers. The bandwidth increase is unknown even to them at the time we talked about it. At present, the maximum bandwidth of Smart Bro is 384kbps (something we haven’t experienced before based on testing our internet connection speed for two years of subscribing to Smart Broadband). We suspect the Smartbro upgrade will increase its speed to 512kbps or even higher (1Mbps would be nice) which we hope can be delivered to its millions of subscribers in the Philippines.

The info I received from the technician, who said they will be trained to install and orient existing and new customers about the upgrade, consists of the following:

1) A modem/router will be provide if the customer wishes to upgrade his/her Smartbro plan (old customers). A certain fee (PhP 2,500 I think) will be collected from customers of course. Nothing is free when you deal with Smart Broadband, Inc.

2) The modem/router will be configured as part of their Smartbro upgrade service.

3) The monthly fee will also increase along with the Smartbro upgrade.

That’s pretty much it and then the technician promised to send me an SMS when their training is over and they’re ready to upgrade Smartbro via installation of the modem/router. We’ll keep a close watch on this development since our Digitel DSL reconnection is still pending until now (one month to be exact today).

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  1. romeo says:

    I’ve been a Smart Bro subscriber since 2005 of Plan800. I understand that Smart Bro is offerring 1mbps for a Plan499. Is there a possibility to upgrade my subscription to a higher upload and download link/speed at the same rate that I am paying now?

    Immediate reply is appreciated.

    Thanks, Romeo

  2. James W. Cope says:

    We have been on SmartBro for 3 years. For the last 3 months, we have had very intermittent Internet service, i.e., our Internet only runs between 12:00 Midnight and 8AM, any other time, it doesn’t even load the page or takes hours to load a page. SmartBro uses IP V4.0 and is clocking and flogging the system. They SHOULD use IP V6.0 which will upgrade the system and increase power. The only way to have guaranteed 24/7 Internet us to use DSL.

  3. myla sunga roxas says:

    paki ayos naman po yung connection ko kasi hindi ko magamit yung cam ko kasi hindi nag momove yung cam ko pls check the connection in first week i used it its good AND ok but now its so very slow and when i used mycam its going freeze. pls atleast make it 512kbit/sec. thank you.

  4. jhelf says:

    any one who can help me to upgrade my smart bro because i think smart bro is not compatible with windows 7 ultimate?

    • rich says:

      I think smartbro is working . in our laptop the operating system is windows 7 ultimate and smartbro works but in our computer although its operating system is windows 7 ultimate,, it doesnt work.. i dont know either..

  5. fustrated says:

    Smart bro speed sucks… 384kbps..###??? di pa nga maabot yan.. 5kbps downlink and 3kbps uplink lang. at 10Mbps lang speed connection.. DCHP enabled ung modem di ma-access ung page… mabagal mabagal mabagal talaga.. Linta(Leech) ang Smart bro nayan sa BAYAD lang magaling….

    • korek ka diyan says:

      @fustrated, agree ako sayo kahit nga saakin diyan sa pinas ilang beses na kame na walan ng connection then yung bago pa kame sa smart sabi nila my 1 month daw kame hinde ngbayad kahit every month ako ngpapadala ng pera sa pinas pang bayad ng bills ko so ng bayad ako other 1 month then after year sinabi naman nila na my 1 month naman ako na hinde naka bayad sabi ko sa pamangkin ko na how come my balance tayo ulit 1 month dalawang beses ng bigay naman ako olet for 1 month. ngayon same naman sabi nila na my previous daw ako payment last 2008 bale 2 months daw lol..ano bayan ang smart bro pano ako ngkaroon ng previous account balance everymonth naman kame ng babayad and of course hinde namin yun e keep ang recibo nayan so wala kame ebidensiya sakanila ipapakita kasi 2010 na ngayon

  6. backspace says:

    share lng, im from cavite. una globe broadband yr2006 2k+ a month, 24 months lock-in, 1 yr ko lng ngmit but d other 12 months d ko ngmit pero binayaran ko lahat. nxt smart bro plug-it yr2008 unang release 4.8k+(mf622)now 995k(zte) wla kwenta, nsa baul na sa basement, now yr2009-2010 smart bro canopy, 35kbps dl, no choice eh. ganito talaga satin, pagod nko sa reklamo, la nman ngyayari. need tlga connection. add pa yr1998-2001 rent, (yr2002-2004 dial-up), when i was in college, hehe…..

  7. mrkuneho says:

    digitel sucks here in cavite, my download speed is 5kbps bwiset!!!! bwiset!!!!!

  8. Russ says:

    Wow how much did Smart pay you guys to post these comments? There are many filipinos out there who believe Smart is by far, the worst ISP in this country. Many have moved away from Smart and signed up with different providers.

    In saying this, other ISPs also deliver very poor service but SmartBro seems to be the lowest of lows.

    Talagang walang matinong provider dito sa pinas. Puro krimen at koruption lang ang alam ng mga kumpanya at tau dito. Talagang third world country.

  9. Denden says:

    Putang inang smart bro yan.. kabibili ko lang, tapos ng error na ndi ko namagamit.. hangga ngayun,, ndi ko na maibalik kasi nawala ko yung resibo.tapos wala pang makuha na firmware,, hayop talaga hayup! napaka bulok din pala ng service nila. God! Please distruct the smart bro….

  10. Wrj says:

    sana maelect na si villar para yung connection natin magimprove at magkaroon tayo ng connection just like North US

  11. joseph says:

    i wish we had our own satellite here in the Philippines.

  12. Rommel says:

    ows? pwede po ba yung engineer?

  13. jun_samatra says:

    umaabot ng 3.2mbps speed ng connection ko pero hindi stable. f*ck.. dapat my 3g cgnal kau para ma increase nyo ang connection speed. who the f*ck told u na wlang sariling satellite ang pinas?? meron mga mothahf*cker.. eagle2 satellite.. launch in august 21, 1998. 154 degrees longitude.. iniisahan lang tau ng mga telcoms.. if u want to utilize my trick para makaconnect kahit wlang load. juz email me.


  14. bianca says:

    ang panget talga ng globe for 3 months ko siya ginamit di man lang niya ako pinasaya.

  15. empoy says:

    im really satisfied with smart bro. kahit 100mbps lang.

  16. margaret says:

    really kuya ganun kalaki.sana meron tayo sariling satellite para kahit pano naman bumilis ang signal ng globe tattoo.

  17. Peewee says:

    Just an Information guys,kumukuha lng po tau ng internet connection sa ibang bansa kaya mejo d tau nassatisfied sa Speed na binibigay ng Telecommunication Companies d2 sa pinas..we dont have our own satelite kaya gani2 ang internet speed natin d2..kng gus2 nyo pumunta kau sa UK at dun 1GBPS ang internet connection nla..i repeat 1GBPS

    • JunAlquis says:

      @Peewee, actually we have a communications satellite it’s named agila 2 and it’s operated under mabuhay satellite corporation w/c is a subsidiary of PLDT..

  18. fr0stbyte says:

    Speed is of no issue at night. Pero sa daytime? Damn.. It’s like a battle to get a decent connection at noontime and at twilight. I think the bandwidth increase was good and bad.. Internet speed looks good if there aren’t that many who’re using the net in your area. But when everybody’s diving in for a connection, all hell breaks lose. 5 to 10KB/s or worse, no connection at all. The problem I think is that they didn’t upgrade their infrastructure. They keep on accepting new applications but they don’t upgrade the bandwidth for the whole network. As more and more people join in, the more people would have to share over the already saturated bandwidth. So yeah.. Does anyone have a decent argument on what Smart should do? Don’t just whine like a little faggot. Discuss. Discuss. Discuss.

  19. Ka Jose says:

    Maganda connection ng smartbro sa amin sa cabuyao … average DL speed ko 180kbps … na top ako ng 450kbps … well depende rin sa site.

  20. gringo says:

    dati nag ganda ng smart bro pero ngayon ang pangit na, almost a month ang hina ng signal, kahit mag friendster sobrang lag, tapos putol putol pa, wala na kwenta smart bro ngayun parang nag babayad ka ng 999 para sa dial up connection,

  21. Devon says:

    Damn smart bro was so amazing im always dc after 30 mins connection and it take 5 mins to reconnect again wow thats really amazing. and im always losing connection its always say limited connectivity or no connection.and the bandwidth upgrade was really good to it started less than 100kbps and now almost nothing damn.

    more power po!

  22. alf says:

    where can i get smart bro firmware for my MF627 device that i got from other country? i cannot use it here. please help me.

  23. normandy says:

    I’ve noticed the difference in speed. Smartbro really upgraded their bandwidth! My speedtest result shows .80 Mbps speed. My dl before was just 30kb/sec but now it reaches 80-85 kb/sec!
    Awesome smartbro! Keep your customer’s satisfied! Alot of customers are complaining but you made a difference! I hope everyone will enjoy the service I’m experiencing!

  24. gemma says:



    no choice for people who can only afford
    this kind of unsatisfactory connection.
    you even can’t get the value of your money.

    we can do -nothing.

  25. striker says:

    wala sakin naka capped parin sa 512kbps kahit anung tweak gawin ko, ilang beses na rin akong nag email wala parin, laging sagot nila upto 1mbps daw ang mabagal daw is 200kbps and below…..

    how sad…

    • Peewee says:

      tang ina pinakamabagal 200kbps?eh ang speed ko nga mas mababa pa sa 40kbps minsan pa nga 1kbps lng sa akn eh then after that biglang nawawala ang connection..san ang improvement ng smart ngaun?nanloloko lng ang mga gagong smart telecommunications..maganda lng ang services nla pagdating sa mga TEXT and LOAD PROMOS pero pag dating sa internet connection bulok cla..ahaha

  26. pol says:

    umuulan ngyon d2 samin, mali ako ng tyempo ng speed test pero pumapalo padin ung akin ng 350-400kbps not bad na un ^_^ last speed test ko pumalo ang gauge ng 700kbps good weather un. hoy jerome check mo mag speed test na ang server mo makati sa parang kalokohan kc na na hindi umabot ni 100kb ang connection mo.. un ang server ng smart bro q, dun ako mabilis kpg nag speedtest e.

  27. jerome says:

    wew…kadiri smartbro…
    ni hndi umabot ng 100kb and connection namin d2…
    no choice dn kc kami dahil mas mabagal globe..globe kami dati..di rin naman abot sky broadband at DSL dito..kabdtrip talaga..i’ve heard nga na bumilis daw smartbro..kelan pa? i’ve never experienced yun..haha..kaya swerte talaga ung abot ng sky broadband and DSL..
    kadiri smartbro and globe broadband..

  28. fr0stbyte says:

    @Yay Kayo Dyan. We get the speeds as advertised and you don’t. Tough luck. May balat ka cguro sa pwet. Or ‘di pa na-upgrade ang area niyo. Use your logic, will you?

    • Lyndon says:


      Anyabang mo naman… pasalamat ka nalang at wala ka sa kalagayan nila. If you were in there shoes i swear mamumura mo lahat ng staff ng smart.

  29. Yay Kayo Jan says:

    Yay!? Anong kinasasaya niyo? after 2 years of being a subscriber 384 dw speed…naabot nio nba speed na un? maiintindihan naman kung aabot lng ng 100 or 200kbps but less than 100kbps is not cool! Yay?! Parang bumilis lng na modem! astig!

    Sa inyong mga lumang subscriber naranasan nyo nbang umabot ng 384kbps?

    At ngaun, pinagmamalaki nila na 1mbps? or 512kbps?

    Hanggang saan naman naabot ng connection nio? 384? which is supposed to be 2 years ago! kelan kya aabot ng tama sa ads nila ung connection natin? after 10years?!

    Ang ganda naman service nyan! niloloko lang tau! Smart Bro? BOBO BRO!!!

    I’m Thrilled! Tumawag sakin ung agent ng smart bro thru cellphone and pinagbagsakan nya ako! swerte nya ngpalit ako sim d ko nasave ang number! bastos un! Jen Name nya! BOBO BRO!

  30. Dennis says:

    I wish the engineers of Smart will keep up the good work in developing strong signals in the entire country, even if your surrounded walls… And you can use it even in outdoors without loosing connection…

  31. albehd says:

    nawalan ako ng connection kahapon, ngayon pa lang ako naka-connect, at mejo mabagal ung connection. ngayon lang ako nagka-prob regarding my connection. just wanna know kung nag-upgrade ba ang smart bro?

  32. ivanm says:

    the upgrade was good news to me since i rely a lot on web-based programs. na-notice nyo rin ba na hindi na putol putol ung connection? gumanda na ung service.

  33. Tom says:

    Nawalan ba kayo kagabi ng smart bro? sakin kasi nawalan eh google lang at youtube napuputnahan ko na website. maintenance ba? or nag-upgrade?

  34. edsel davila says:

    i dunno.
    my internet connection rating from 2wire is like
    70kbps well mornings i get 200kbps but the rest of the day 50-75kbps much more troublesome during 5-9pm where it goes to 40-60kbps

    i dunno what you guys are saying about the 700kbps
    i just wish it was true.

    this is also saying that a smart bro contractor just dropped by to checkup on the canopy unit august 15, 2009.

    yay i think

  35. rhalie says:

    Yeah!!! My speed was awesome too.. lately.. mine was 768.5kbps on 2wire .. TSR also told me that the speed upgrade was finished last saturday.

  36. fr0stbyte says:

    Seriously man, you’re not missing anything! PLDT’s DSL sucks big time (lots of down time and you really won’t get the speed you paid for). Not to mention their awful customer service. As for Globe, same bit with them.

  37. alrick13 says:

    Yaps considerable increase in speed but there are certain hours of the day 8pm to 1am where I experience slowdowns… the maximum download speed for me is 90kbps but during those hours of slowdowns it is 25kbps.

    Before I praise smartbro for two years never experience any disconnections regardless of weather conditions but after seeing other internet plans such as globe 1295 and pldt 999 and their experiencing their actual performance I finally realize what I’m missing.

  38. ravmonster says:

    smartbro sucks……………

    i have tested my connection via
    and the result sucks very much..

    7kbps for dloads
    13kbps for uloads

    is that cool??????

  39. naruto says:

    Yup that’s KIZUNA(WINDS) from JAXA(Japan aerospace exploration agency) 160Mbps and they offer 1.2Gps for government offices. that’s way too cool!!!

  40. Jon says:

    I’ve been using Smartbro from 2006 until now and I too was able to experience the 384-512 kbps speed up. Now a few days later I notice my downloads are in the 70-85 kbps range. I hope the speed upgrade is permanent. :)

  41. wifi says:

    bumilis ang smartbro canopy ko,umaabot na sya ng 700 kbps!

  42. Brix says:

    our smart bro have stable speed compared to before.

  43. fr0stbyte says:

    I noticed the increase a few days ago.. July 30 to be exact.
    Back in 2006, we experienced and increase in our bandwidth after 1 week of service interruption. From 384kbps to 512kbps.. which I must say, was FREAKING AWESOME. I was thinking back then whether the speed increase was permanent. It was, actually. I’ve had great service for about 3 years now.
    Now a few days ago (as I mentioned earlier), I experienced sudden fluctuations with my download speed. I checked out my speed meter to get an idea of what was wrong. I was shocked to see constant numbers of 88 to 100 kB/s on screen. Ha! It was damn fast! I monitored my download speed for half a day more to confirm the bandwidth increase. So far so good. Dunno if it’s permanent though.
    Early 2006 >> 384kbps
    Late 2006 >> 512kbps
    Early 2009 >> 768-1mbps
    Beyond >> Who knows?!

  44. not so convinced says:

    i won’t be surprised if this comment won’t be posted, don’t be fooled people, this is all but marketing junk…uses blogs and comments to lure you into connecting to smartro. wake up! SMARTBRO SUCKS

    • admin 1 says:

      we admit smartbro sucks big time when their lines go down (which happens frequently in many areas). we are not encouraging people to subscribe to smart bro here since the bandwidth upgrade isn’t felt in the whole Philippines.

  45. jehzlau says:

    wooot! sana nga bumilis ng konti ang speed ng smart bro pag tumaas na bandwidth :D hehe

    Btw, I have an updated Top 10 List of ISPs in the Philippines based on speedtest:

    Sky Broadband and Sky Internet made it to the top 10. Hopefully, smart bro umabot na rin :D Kasi smart bro parin ako til now. Hehe.

    • admin 2 says:


      i read your post. i thought you would praise smart bro but it seems it’s not serving you well at the moment. if we may suggest, maybe you should change ISP or obtain another internet service as backup like we did. we have had several frustrating moments with smartbro’s low bandwidth and no connectivity issue before that’s why we got a second line, digitel mydsl, just in case we need to go online in our place. if smartbro is off, we have a backup. :-)

  46. gabe says:

    Here in the USA I got an upgrade with my internet! It’s now up to 20 mbps!

    • puritania says:

      thats nice, but japan offers 160mbps for only $60

    • mokies says:

      USA isn’t comparable to PH… it’s really hard to reach possibilities with an archipelago…

      still, contented with the service of SB…

  47. kung says:

    no use to increase bandwidth when i always get limited connectivity… pwned.

  48. liane says:

    wtf my comments jammed. thought the other one’s not gonna be posted. anyway you get my point. i like this cheap thing. lol

  49. liane says:

    its .33 cents a minute for the prepaid. i think that is one MAJOR upgrade. cheaper rates. not bad.

  50. liane says:

    the smart bro prepaid is now .33 cents a minute. talk about affordable. go bro.

  51. jason says:

    i think yung 2500 na yan ay about sa smart bro share kasi me router yun tapos 999 per month tapos ulimited na cya!!!!!!!!!! hindi na cya 100 hours lng.. prng gusto ko na nga lumipat sa smart bro share!!!!!!

  52. rizza says:

    what can i say. smart bro helps me a lot.

  53. jenni says:

    yah smartbro is awesome as of the moment they have upgraded their bandwidth.. ok ung connection kapag walang ulan. pero kapag my bagyo, or simple rain lang, putol putol na ang connection minsan wala talaga connection.. yun na lng ang prob sa smartbro.
    speed is great.. 512kbps hmm now 999 is worth already than before..
    may i ask about ung sa upgrade ung my modem/router? what’s with that? old subscriber kami.

    • joy says:

      para sa mga gusto bumili ng share it, 2500 unit and 999 adv payment, “HUWAG”. wag kayo mabulag sa 999 per month at 2mbps… hindi pa stable ito, d aabot ng 500mbps, masaya na kayo pag nag 300mbps pa, tapos share it nyo pa? eh single unit ang bagal. lagi pa walang signal.. sakit sa ulo lang, Ako nga 2 months n yung router ko, d man lang nag BLUE yung status ng signal ko, meaning d nakakareceived ng hsdp(whatever) pero sa testing nila using there own router nag blue yung lead pero nung binagay n yung router samin kahit wait ako madaling araw wala tlg…….. para sa d na mabiktima post ko lang ito, msakit magtapon ng 3500,.. huhuhuh sma mo pa yung two months kung payment 5500 na yoko lang ng record kaya pay ko kc db 1yr locked contract. huhuuh

      • joy says:

        sorry sa mbps ‘ KBPS PALA

      • apple_darlene says:

        ur right,,ako nga smart bro,,user,,bago lang,,this sept,,pero kahit kelan hindi ko magamit ang webcam ko,,,dinala ko sa internet cafe ang smart bro kit ko,,,nag try kami,,smart bro ang ginamit kong connection,,nag cha kami,,magkatabi,,,pero hindi parin gumana ang webcam,,sayang ang pera ko,,,hindi kona magamit ang smart bro ko,,

  54. mark says: nice. smart bro is damn awesome.

  55. lea says:

    nice.bro is improving

  56. james says:

    siguro in a away may effect din ung paguuprgade ng canopy sa prepaid nila. pero xmpra pag wireless mraming nkakaapekto sa signal at connection. pra mas specific, check nio to.

  57. craze says:

    is it me or is the prepaid smart bro also improved? im using it atm and this page loaded in less than 3 secs i think. now thats something huh.

  58. thea says:

    I’ve experienced this upgrade and its really something! i mean 512kbps is FAST. and because my work requires me to always be online, this is a great help. go bro! looking forward to more innovations.

  59. lea says:

    wow. is this true? i want to upgrade my bandwidth too.

  60. Jhunrey says:

    I was shocked as well, after noticing the increase in bandwith. I thought It was just a glitch in speedtest, but I’m convinced after testing my speed at other sites like testmy, 2wire. This increase in bandwith is really awesome.

    • joy says:

      para sa mga gusto bumili ng share it, 2500 unit and 999 adv payment, “HUWAG”. wag kayo mabulag sa 999 per month at 2mbps… hindi pa stable ito, d aabot ng 500kbps, masaya na kayo pag nag 300kbps pa, tapos share it nyo pa? eh single unit ang bagal. lagi pa walang signal.. sakit sa ulo lang, Ako nga 2 months n yung router ko, d man lang nag BLUE yung status ng signal ko, meaning d nakakareceived ng hsdp(whatever) pero sa testing nila using there own router nag blue yung lead pero nung binagay n yung router samin kahit wait ako madaling araw wala tlg…….. para sa d na mabiktima post ko lang ito, msakit magtapon ng 3500,.. huhuhuh sma mo pa yung two months kung payment 5500 na yoko lang ng record kaya pay ko kc db 1yr locked contract. huhuuh

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