Skype Announces SkypeKit SDK Beta for Developers of Mobile Apps

Apple may have scored big publicity with its upcoming FaceTime video-calling app in the iPhone 4 but the world’s biggest VOIP company Skype is isn’t sitting idle either. Skype announced the invitation-only release of its SkypeKit development software. The SkypeKit is aimed to provide hardware and software makers a set of APIs which will let them interface their product directly with Skype without the need for the client to use the mobile or desktop Skype application.

SkypeKit Beta: Invitation-Only Event for Developers

Skype Releases SkypeKit SDK Beta Version for Developers

Skype is targeting consumer electronics makers as SkypeKit partners. The company believes that every internet-connected device and software is ideal for voice and video call communications. Skype wants to go beyond smart phones and computers. Releasing SkypeKit beta is the first step towards this goal. People should be able to communicate wherever, whenever or what ever they are doing – be they driving, watching TV in their bedroom, listening to their MP3 players, or just reading books on their e-reader.

The best thing about SkypeKit is that it allows developers to take advantage of Skype’s technology under their own branding. SkypeKit is all about providing the technology in invisible mode. For example, Sony can start making Television sets or DVD players with integrated VOIP features powered by Skype but Sony won’t be required to display Skype’s brand at all or even acknowledge it. Developers and manufacturers will be given free rein to use SkypeKit’s VOIP functions as their own in their products.

Again, the first beta release of SkypeKit is invitation-only. The SkypeKit beta invitation started rolling out on June 23, 2010 so if you are interested, please visit Skype’s website and sign-up for the beta program.

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