Samsung Galaxy 5 i5503 Review of Performance, 3D Games, Wi-fi and Sending SMS Using Swype Software

The first part of my Samsung Galaxy 5 i5503 Review is in the previous post. Here’s the rest of my hands-on review: Performance-wise, the Samsung Galaxy 5 i5503 android phone is a superb machine. I thought this cheap phone will have a hard time running 3D games but I was surprised it can run Asphalt 5 without any noticeable lag time. The screen is small for serious gaming but hey, this phone’s processor is powerful enough for 3D games!

I bet if Samsung wants it so, this phone can even run Android OS 2.2 without breaking any sweat. The Korean company evidently only saved money on the plastic body construction of this phone but they still put quality internal components on the i5503. Even the 2.0 Megapixel camera is an obvious money-saver since it only has a fixed-focus and no zoom or LED flash. I don’t care about the sub-par camera and the plastic body of this phone, I am pleased with its speedy performance!

Samsung Galaxy 5 i5503 Showing the Google Logo

Actual Shot of Samsung Galaxy 5 i5503, Back View Shows Official Google Logo

Aside from having a good processor, new operating system and Wi-fi/3G connectivity, I love the Samsung Galaxy 5 i5503 for its effective Bluetooth 2.1, Assisted GPS support and DLNA-compatibility.

I’m also very happy about the 3.5mm headphone jack and the Real Dolby Surround audio engine. This device is a superb portable media player. It’s not easy to watch MPEG 4 and Xvid movies on the small screen but it’s tolerable. The movie theater-like audio quality is awesome though! Yes, I watch movies on this phone in bed every night! The PhP 10,500 (around US$238) price tag of the Samsung Galaxy 5 i5503 gave me a free headset and a 2GB microSD card – big enough to hold 2 DivX Movies!

Lastly, I am again very appreciative of this phone’s capacitive display. Texting on this phone is easy since the touchscreen is very responsive. You can either type on vertical mode using the T9 classic phone layout or the full QWERTY keyboard in horizontal position. Either way, typing is a breeze. I tried the pre-installed Swype Text-input App for this phone but I didn’t like dragging my fingers along the tiny screen to create words. Swype is also limited to English and I do text and chat a lot in my own native Filipino language and Ilokano dialect (languages in the Philippines)! Browsing on the web is also a bit challenging because of the small screen and the lack of Pinch-To-Zoom support. You have to either double-tap or use the zoom in/out button.

In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy 5 i5503 is in my opinion the best entry-level Android phone in the market today. For its low price, it certainly is the cheapest Android phone (in its class) in the Philippines, Hongkong, China, Saudi Arabia, India, US, Canada and UK, based on reports fed by our partners there.

I know this cheap android phone might look “cheap” and brittle because it copied the Samsung Corby’s physical design but please give more credit to the superior processor, full connectivity, and Android OS 2.1 that comes with the Sumsung Galaxy 5 i5503. Check it out online for more info on pricing in your location.

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  1. vijayahir says:

    I have bought samsung galaxy5 i5503. but i can not understand system of this phone like google searching, wi-fi, android. so please help me for guideline about this phone. i can’t save any contact in my phone or sim card.

    • ST, Mumbai says:

      Android is the software that controls the activities on this fone, just like Windows on the PC. The version on the i5503 is 2.1 aka ‘Eclair’. The version after this is 2.2 (‘Froyo’), which is available on several fones.

      I’m sure you’ll have searched for something on the Web. Recently a lot of people searched for ‘Poonam Pandey’. The search engine returns a list of web sites where the searched for term occurs. The most widely used search engine is Google. The Android OS on the i5503 is the result of development by Google, who modified Linux for use as an operating system in mobile devices. You can even searched locally – ie., for a name in the contacts list of the fone.

      Wi-fi lets you connect a smartphone, PC, video game console, or digital audio player to the Internet when within range of a wi-fi network. i don’t think it is enabled by default on the i5503. You’ll have to enable it, and then the fone will look for locally available wi-fi networks. Access to some are free (in malls and Mumbai airport) and ready access will be available. For to some wi-fi networks are only for those who have an account.

      Bluetooth (also available on the i5503) is for interconnectivity between devices. You could connect 2 fones and transfer files. In my case, I transferred all my contacts from the old SE K750i to my i5503 using Bluetooth. The advantage of Bluetooth is that the network operator (Airtel, Vodafone, !dea, etc.) is not involved, hence there are no charges. Another scenario is connectivity between wireless headphone (with A2DP)/speaker. There is some configuring involved, so that the devices ‘recognize’ each other.

      I suggest you go through all the options available in the fone menu and familiarize yourself with it and the various options.

  2. jomzkie says:

    I have samsung galaxy 5 and im very satisfied. i already installed lots of apps and games and so far im impressed although playing angry birds a bit disappointed becoz it lags sometimes,the connectivity is great specially when using wifi and gps speaking of gps you need to install gps booster apps so it can connect to satellite fast overall its a great phone good for people who are budget conscious

  3. Ha;ey says:

    Thank you for the informative review on Samsung Galaxy 5 i5503 android phone! I’ve been doing much research about this phone and it has got me sold! They say that it is upgradeable to Froyo, if so, will it be pinch to zoom or it won’t make a difference? Sorry, noob here. This would be my first smartphone and I need as much help as I can! :)

    Btw, where did you buy your phone with that kind of package? Together with the microSD? :)

  4. s,kandavelu says:

    hi, how to use the samsung galaxy 5 i5503 3d games, i tried to play mobile games but it could not support that format. please advice me this issue. thanks&regards, S.k velu. 09036088520.