Pre-order Sales Statistics of Apple iPad Tablet PC Hits 51K in 2 hours

Thousands of eager buyers swamped Apple’s online shop to preorder the iPad Tablet PC. After it went on sale last March 12 at 8:30AM Eastern Standard Time, the iPad was estimated to have sold more than 51,000 units within two hours. This has been reported by analysts at Investor Village AAPL Sanity Board particularly by Victor Castroll, an analyst employed at Valcent Financial Group. Apple (APPL) has not released any official sales figures but the guys of AAPL Sanity Board took the initiative and worked out a Google spreadsheet to monitor the order confirmation numbers including their own purchases. After 2 ½ hours, the group received 15 different Apple iPad order numbers as high as 74,000.

Sales Statistics for Apple iPad Tablet PC is Amazing

Their estimate is roughly jibes with the figure reported by Silicon Valley Insider who said the iPad was selling at around 20,000 per hour. Silicon Valley Insider based their estimate on two purchases done in 30 minutes which are 10,000 orders numbers apart. Castroll has recently updated his report and said the iPad has sold more than 91,000 units in six hours. The tapering-off was attributed to Apple’s decision to make the maximum allowable number of iPad purchase to 2 per order. This policy applies to both individual consumer and corporate buyers. But some smart geeks are circumventing this restriction by using different credit cards to pre-order 10 or more iPads.

Insider gossip hints that Apple might only be able to deliver around 300,000 iPad on its commercial launch this coming April 3. Manufacturing constraints imposed on overseas supplies is supposedly causing the delay of the iPad production. However, detractors are accusing Apple of creating artificial demand to immensely increase public interest for the iPad.

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