MOG Unlimited Music Streaming for iPhone, iPod Touch and Android Mobile Phones

MOG CEO David Hyman announced that his company will start offering unlimited streaming music service to mobile phone users in the United States. MOG’s All Access service will now be available to Android mobile phones like Samsung Epic 4G and iPhone handsets for only $10 a month. Subscribers will get on-demand music from their favorite artists and radio broadcasts in high-fidelity audio stream of 320kbps.

Hyman said this unlimited download feature will also let music files be directly stored in a local cache on the users’ phone, allowing subscribers to listen to their MOG music even when they are out of coverage area and without Wi-Fi connection!

MOG Free Music App for iPhone and Android Mobile Phones

MOG Music App for iPhone and Android Mobile Phones Allow You to Play Unlimited Music

A subscriber will be able to search for songs or artists either by typing in their names or calling them out via the embedded voice recognition search option. The apps are seamlessly integrated with MOG’s website which allows you to access any playlists you made on the site from your smart phone. MOG’s website has over 7 million songs on its catalog and already boasts 16 million unique visitors every month. The site offers a free 3-day trial period and it also offers a web-only subscription for $5/month. The company proudly declares that they have as high as 17% conversion rate from their free trial users to bonafide subscribers.

The $10 monthly by MOG is 50% lower than Rhapsody which charges $15. Hyman is hoping the lower service charge by his company will attract a lot more customers. The European-based music streaming company Spotify also charges around $15/month and rumors has been abuzz that it will be expanding to the U.S. market. But Hyman is not worried by this development — he disclosed that MOG recently received $9.5 million in venture investment from Menlo Ventures and Balderton Capital which the company plans to use for expansion in the US and other countries.

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