LG Apps Store Goes Live, Ready for LG Optimus Q Android Mobile Phone

LG Electronics of Korea is the latest firm to start an application store for their own range of phone models. The company is buoyant with the positive reception of buyers to its latest smart phone model, the LG Optimus Q android phone. Their new app store catalog will carry apps dedicated to smart phones and the other half towards their regular handsets. But the company says they will gradually shift to producing more smartphone models and their app store will congruently reflect the content for sale in the near future. The LG Optimus Q is one beautiful and powerful model that may finally attract American customers.

LG App Store Screenshot

LG wants to make good money selling software just like Apple does with its iTunes Store

LG is launching its stores with around 3,000 applications. Most of them are for Windows Mobile-powered devices but they said they intend to include Android apps before the end of this year. Their application store as of today is now available for service in 23 countries and will go live in 10 more countries in the next two months. LG hopes to add more 1,000 apps next month.

This is a good move on the part of LG, the Korean company is trying hard to penetrate the smart phone market but they aren’t even in the top 5 in terms of handset sales. If you can’t make good money selling hardware, then why not try selling apps instead! LG does good business selling low-end smartphones like the best-selling LG Cookie especially in Asia and Europe. By building on their existing customer base, LG gets to earn more money selling games and other time-wasters (video games and apps) to LG-branded phone owners.

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