Honda Recall Due to Airbag Defects of Accord and Civic 2001-2002 Models

Honda recall of some car models (Honda Civic  and Honda Accord model 2001-2002) started in November of 2008. The Honda recall announced will affect 440,000 Civic and Accord units. Some airbags of Honda cars recalled in 2009 have been reported to over-inflate, shoot metal fragments and cause injuries or fatalities to the driver and/or passenger.  Reports in the past have already verified these incidents, hence, the ongoing recall of Honda cars.

Honda Recall 2009

Honda Recall 2009

Honda will recall the cars with a good deal for car owners – that their airbags will be inspected and replaced free of charge. Honda maintains a good standing in customer care making them one of the top-sellers particularly in Asian countries like the Philippines and Japan.

For more info on the Honda recall 2009, head on to the Official Honda Recall Website found at and check the details. On the other hand, we’re providing some info found in a portion of the website, to wit

Honda is concerned about safety. That’s why Honda Owner Link provides up-to-date recall information about your Honda car, SUV, or minivan. Because Owner Link recall listings are based on your Honda’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), they are specific to your vehicle.

Becoming an Owner Link member is not the only way to find out about Honda recalls, but it is the fastest way. Your vehicle identification number (VIN) is already matched up to your specific Honda model, so you’ll find out instantly whether your car is affected.

If you own a Honda car whose make and model year are stated here, we  strongly recommend you apply for a recall by registering at the above-mentioned site to receive important updates and probably  schedule your car for check-up and airbag replacement. Stay safe.

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  1. arun says:

    i have honda civic 2001 model the srs light is on should i go to honda dealer to fix this problme do i have to pay for it or it is free of cost please let me know

    • jessie says:

      you have to go to your dealer and ask for the details of the honda recall if it still applies in your location at the moment. thanks for dropping by.

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