Year-End Deal: Zmodo 8 Channel Surveillance System with 8 Weatherproof IR Cameras SALE

The Zmodo 8-Channel Surveillance System Model #PKD-DK80208 is presently on sale. It comes with 8 Weatherproof IR Cameras that are good for both outdoors and indoors. Like the Zmodo 4-Channel DVR Surveillance System (DVR-H8114UV), this Zmodo PKD-DK80208 security system cameras are waterproof and are equipped with advanced features.

The Zmodo 8 Channel Surveillance System with 8 Weatherproof IR Cameras (PKD-DK80208) usually sells for a price of $250 on average. This has no hard disk yet and must purchase one separately unlike buying a Q-See 16 Channel H.264 Surveillance System with 500GB HDD.

Today at Woot, buy 1 Zmodo PKD-DK80208 8-Channel DVR Surveillance System with VGA, USB, Ethernet, Remote Control, 3G Mobile plus 8 Zmodo Weatherproof Infrared Cameras with CMOS IR 30ft Night Vision, Motion Detection features for only $175 with 1-year Zmodo warranty (shipping cost covered).

Zmodo PKD-DK80208 DVR with 8 Cameras on Year-End SALE

Zmodo PKD-DK80208 8-Channel DVR System with 8 Outdoor Infrared Cameras

The security gadget complete set is new and includes the following items:

  • 1 DVR-H8118UV DVR (Hard Drive NOT Included)
  • 8 CM-C21606BK Outdoor Security Camera with Mounts
  • 8 60ft Video + Power All-in-One Cable for Security Camera
  • 1 12V/3A 9 Port Power Supply for Security Camera
  • 1 PA-103 12V/3A Power Supply for Surveillance DVR
  • 1 IR Remote Control
  • 1 Mouse
  • 1 User’s Manual

This year-end sale is available at Woot online store for a day only so grab one while this deal is hot.

For surveillance of not so wide places, try the Eye Q 4-Channel Security System with 500GB Hard Drive that comes with four day/night cameras.

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