AT&T Palm Pre Plus Offer: Get it on Amazon for Only 1 Cent!

In my previous review of the Palm Pre Plus, I extolled its superior merits over the iPhone 3G. While its lackluster sales in the U.S. have dampened public interest for it, I still urge you to take advantage of this crazy offer from Amazon. The online retailer is now offering the Palm Pre Plus for only $0.01. This is not a typo, my friends. It really says that, check out Amazon and search for the item and see for your self how low this smartphone’s price has become. Naturally, this promo price comes with a service contract. If you are on planning to switch carrier to AT&T and wants to try my favorite mobile operating system, Palm webOS, get this cheap deal for Palm Pre Plus smartphone now.

Cheap Deal of AT&T Palm Pre Plus on Sale

Get AT&T Palm Pre Plus Smartphone for only US $0.01!

Apple fanboys at AT&T are all going gaga over the iPhone 4 debut on June 24. Unfortunately, I am not ready to spend $199 or $299 for it. I would rather spend 1 cent to get this soon-to-be classic Palm Pre Plus. It’s a beautiful handset that gives real multi-tasking capabilities with excellent features to boot. Palm has also created a masterpiece with webOS, it really is the perfect mobile operating system for on-the-go web connectivity. Don’t say Palm Pre phones are going extinct for lack of new apps. Remember that HP paid $1.2 billion dollars to acquire Palm, Inc. They willingly paid that much money to get full ownership of webOS. The future is still bright for the Palm Pre Plus because HP is making Palm webOS its new weapon for future smart devices. Expect third-party developers to start creating apps for it once HP flexes its considerable financial resources.

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