Google Gave Away Free Nexus One Phones to TED 2010 Attendees

The low sales statistics of Google Nexus One phone did not stop Google from being happy and generous. Despite the low sales figures of the Google Android Phone, they gave thousands of these items to every one who attended the TED 2010 conference held on February 9-13, 2010 at Long Beach California. If only I knew Google would be doing this Oprah act, I would have made serious effort to attend it. Participants who attended the 2010 conference were people who signed up for the TED cause. Those of you who do not know what TED is all about, kindly go check their home page, Google is one of the major sponsors and reading the TED’s website explained why Google was so generous. I am dying of envy here!

TED Conference 2010 and Free Google Nexus One

TED 2010 Sample Photo

TED is a non-profit organization that is spearheading the global free exchange of ideas by people from three different sectors, name Technology, Entertainment, and Design. They are a bunch of free thinking innovators who gather around the best and unselfish minds around the world for its annual conference. Noted speakers for the 2010 TED Conference were James Cameron, Benoit Mandelbrot, Magnus Lindkvis, Yori Benatar, Natalie Merchant, Sarah Silverman, Philip K. Howard and many more. All these speakers are leading figures from technology, entertainment and design. They shared their most thought-provoking ideas and wishes for the betterment of life on earth. Attendees get to experience this mind-altering gathering of Earth’s best minds and of course, they also got free Nexus One android phone handsets.

Darn it, I should have pretended to be a new age geek too and enlisted at TED. I actually like TED’s objective and I am now signing up as one of its avid supporters. Hopefully, they will choose me as one of the participants for its coming July Oxford England TED conference. Perhaps Google and Apple will give free smart phones again. These two companies made so much money last year and they are raking in billions of profits, I could use a new smartphone. I would like to be a beneficiary of Google’s Oprah moments too. My ancient Nokia N76 and my old iPod Touch have outlived their appeal and usefulness to me.

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