Connect to the Internet Using a Mobile Phone & Cheap Global SIM Card Available in the UK, US, Canada and 50+ Countries

As a practice here at, we post mobile phone specs, current and old prices, our own reviews and some tutorials, this time we’d like to educate our readers with several things related to connecting to the internet via global sim card. With this relatively new service, one can check emails, chat online and browse the ever-growing world wide web.

Not many people know about this service… yet. But here are a few nuggets of wisdom that could help you choose the right mobile broadband sim card that you can utilize abroad or locally. The coverage of this service is so expansive. For some curious individuals out there, the service is available in Albania, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, France, Germany, Guam, Hongkong, Turkey, Ukraine, and of course The United Kingdom (UK) and the Unites States (US).

The plans are varied but the speeds are impeccable. Where EDGE is available, the internet speed can reach up to 473.6 kbps. With UMTS, expect it to hit a max of 3.6Mbps. Last but not least, HSDPA can offer you a maximum speed of 7.2 Mbps.

For more info, you can go to mobile broadband price comparison page of the website to compare prices on global mobile internet browsing plans. The prices are soooo affordable you’d want to bring the SIM card even when you travel abroad. It’s cost-effective and you can pay only what you actually use. Yo don’t have to pay extra for the unused time or bandwidth allocated.

If you’ll ask how much will you pay for the bandwidth. Here’s a quick response – 59 cents (Euro cents) per Megabyte. This is a good deal for you and we highly recommend you check out this cheap deal right away if you’re like us who are slightly addicted to Facebook and Twitter. For one, this will save you money. For another, you will not regret buying the SIM card which is fairly low-cost at 9.90 Euros or about GBP 8.62 that is already inclusive of VAT so you should not worry about paying more.

Many satisfied customers are already enjoying the benefits of the global SIM card for sale. Grab one now and join the growing number of users who can do their stuff online with a fast mobile internet connection.

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