CES 2012: Cameras, Smartphones, Tablets, HDTVs, Laptops and Celebrities!

The International CES 2012 Event is near and it will be showcasing new tablet PCs, smartphones, digital cameras, Wi-Fi routers, super slim notebook PCs and more. Like the CES 2011, this year’s show will be star-studded.

Last year, Lady Gaga was on the Polaroid booth but not to showcase herself but to boast her designs on Polaroid digital cameras. This CES 2012, tech companies decided to use the same attention-grabber trick featuring TV personalities and movie stars to present gadgets.

CES 2012 Sched and Gadgets to Expect

Other than tech gadgets and appliances, the International CES 2012 will be featuring celebrities to present products.

In CES 2012, there Hollywood stars, sports legends, and musical icons to showcase new technologies. An example of this is Jillian Michaels (fitness guru) who will be at the CES TechZone FitnessTech.

NCIS: LA and music artist LL COOL J is also expected at the new technology from Boomdizzle. Justin Beiber will be seen with TOSY Robotics at the CES 2012 Robotics TechZone. Well, Chuck TV Series’ Zachary Levi was at the Video Game Awards so this isn’t a new trick to attract attention.

The International Consumer Electronics Show 2012 schedule is on January 10-13, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada. CES 2012 press conferences are being held as early as now on what to expect during the show.

Info on the location of events and where to find the booth for smartphones, HDTVs, camera/camcorders and tablet PCs are available at CES official website.

More news on CES 2012 will be provided on our website. So stay tuned for the upcoming gadgets and tech items this upcoming Int’l Consumer Electronics Show 2012.


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