Walmart Black Friday Ads 2011: Thanksgiving Day Sale and Black Friday Deals 2011

Walmart is one of the most generous stores during the annual Black Friday big sale event! It’s the store that got almost everything from electronics, ready-to-wear items, home appliances, toys to outdoor gear stuff. As early as now, the 2011 Walmart Black Friday deals are already posted at their official website.

Like the Walmart Black Friday 2010 Ads, the 2011 Walmart Black Friday Ads say it will give three events scheduled on a 2-day sale. Starting Thursday 10pm (November 24, 2011), Walmart will sell gaming console bundles, gaming controllers and accessories.

Walmart Black Friday Sale 2011 Schedule

Front Page of Walmart's Black Friday 2011 Ads

Thanksgiving Day Thursday to Black Friday, bicycles, scooters and toys for kids will be available as well as DVD copies of video games, movies, TV shows and more. The Walmart Black Friday Ads also posted home essentials such as vacuum cleaners, kitchen electronics, bed and bath items and more.

According to the Walmart Black Friday Ad 2011, starting 12am Friday (November 25, 2011) will be a huge feast for electronics. There will be Black Friday deals for HDTVs, home theater systems, Blu-ray players, internet streaming media players, Tablet PC’s, smartphones, GPS devices, MP3 players, digital cameras, camcorders, laptops, printers, gaming consoles, wireless routers and more.

At 8am Friday (November 25, 2011), Walmart Black Friday sale items include limited electronics, outdoor gears and even GoodYear tires.

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