AT&T Android-Powered Smartphones Available in 2010

AT&T just announced recently that they will be offering Android OS smart phones to its subscribers beginning on March 7, 2010. The largest American Telco has obviously caved in to the rapid rise of Android handsets like Motorola Backflip with Motoblur. Apple must be livid right now because they gave exclusive rights to AT&T for almost 3 years to market iPhone 3G and 3GS in the American market. But hey, every other U.S.-carrier has already joined the Android bandwagon since last year and AT&T is a profit-monster that wants a cut of the ever-increasing revenue from Android phone sales.

Motorola Backflip: An Android Phone Available from AT&T in 2010

Google also announced at the Mobile World Congress 2010 that there are now over 60,000 Android mobile phones being shipped everyday around the world. Apple currently holds about 25% of the smart phone market but experts are already predicting that Google’s free Android OS will outsell it by 2012. Except for Apple, most major companies such as Samsung, HTC, Sony and Asus have switched to manufacturing Android handsets.

AT&T Android Phones Will Come Out This 2010

AT&T disclosed that the first Android OS phone they will sell is going to be the HSPA 7.2 – Capable Motorola BACKFLIP. I made rave reviews about this unique Android phone model from Motorola which won CES 2010 Best SmartPhone from CNET Awards. Customers may buy this from AT&T retail stores and via its online shop. The Motorola Backflip will cost you only $99 after a mail-in $100 rebate. Of course, this cheap unit price is tied with a two-year service and data plan agreement with AT&T. Customers may argue that the iPhone is still the smartest phone of all but I dare them to think about the high cost of owning an iPhone and the high price tags of iTunes App Store apps. Yeah, they are not always free and some paid apps’ prices are very high. iPhone lovers should realize that Android phone apps and games are now available by the thousands online, most of them free to download.

AT&T is scheduled to sell at least four more Android models this 2010. Rumor has it that it will exclusively sell the Dell Mini 3 smartphone later this year and will also offer Android smart phones from HTC. I have no doubt that AT&T customers will be delighted to finally have a choice aside from the iPhone and Windows Mobile phone units.

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