Apple TV 2nd Generation: Smaller and Cheaper Apple TV Release Date and Features

The New Apple TV Digital Media Receiver (Apple TV Second Generation) was introduced the same day as the announcement of the latest iPods. The latest generation and redesigned Apple TV (Apple TV 2nd Generation) was first glanced at the Apple press conference held at San Francisco, California last September 1, 2010.

It is high time for the New Apple TV to come out and make a healthy competition with Google TV. The new Apple TV’s release date was also announced to be in late September 2010. So it is presumed that the second generation Apple TV will be released on the last week of this month. We will update you on the exact Apple TV 2nd Gen release date as soon as it is revealed.

Photo of Second Generation Apple TV

New Apple TV: 2nd Generation Apple TV Revealed - Smaller and Cheaper

To get a preview of the New Apple TV’s great features, watch the video posted below. This video shows the Apple TV 2nd Generation while being introduced by Steve Jobs, Apple CEO.

The New Apple TV is smaller, simpler and cheaper. This 2nd Gen Apple TV only costs $99.00 which is far less expensive compared to the older Apple TV which was $229. Watch out for new Apple TV’s release date this late September 2010.

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