Apple Says Only 400 iTunes Accounts Were Hacked By Thuat Nguyen

After acknowledging that they banned hacker/app developer Thuat Nguyen, Apple confirmed in an email reply to a tech blogger that they discovered that only 400 accounts were stolen and used by Nguyen to fraudulently buy his Vietnamese books. Apple is dismissing public concerns that the servers of iTunes were compromised. They said “Only 400 accounts were compromised out of 150 million users – that’s less than 0.0003% of our customers who were affected.” Steve Jobs and friends are again being nonchalant and saying “What hacking, nobody got hacked except 400 people. Don’t worry, be happy.

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Apple is saying only a few of their iTunes customers were hacked

This debacle first unraveled when two app developers noticed Nguyen’s Vietnamese paid books topping 40 of the top 50 best-sellers on the iTunes Books category. Apple has responded by banning Thuat Nguyen and removing all his offending materials yesterday. While Apple moves swiftly to calm public outrage over this snafu, other experts are doubtful that only 400 accounts were hacked. Security experts are even implying that Apple is trying to do a cover-up to avoid bad publicity. Apple officials are insisting this was an isolated event and their iTunes servers are still 100% secured.

Nevertheless, Apple says that starting today, July 8, they will be implementing new security measures to minimize fraud. They did not disclose further details but explained that their upcoming security upgrades will basically require all buyers to enter their credit card’s CCV code every time they make a purchase. Is this enough reassurance for you?

It’s a big no for me. Apple is obviously doing a sleight-of-hand cover-up on this hacking incident. They still haven’t explained on how Thuat Nguyen managed to access 400 iTunes accounts of other people and use them repeatedly for almost 3 months without them detecting noticing it!

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