i’mWatch: World’s First Android-powered Smartwatch

Blue Sky SRL of Italy created the world’s first Android smartwatch. Their new product i’mWatch is a wearable watch that has a Freescale ARM9 IMX233 CPU and 64MB of RAM. Using a customized Android OS, i’mWatch has an intuitive user interface that’s perfect for its 1.54-inch touchscreen display.

imWatch Android SmartWatch Specs and Price

This adorable gadget is the world's first ever Android-powered smartwatch! It not only tells time but also does phone calling and web browsing duties.

Just like Android phones, you can drag, swipe, pinch and touch navigate the i’mWatch. You can download and install Android apps, play games, browse the web and check out your social networking sites. It can also receive automatic notifications from Facebook, Twitter, and FourSquare.

The i’mWatch Android Smartwatch has 4GB of flash storage so it can load up with songs via USB or download music from the specialized i’mStore online shop. This watch has a built-in speaker but also got 3.5mm jack to attach headphones or an external speaker. It doesn’t have a huge amount of RAM or fast processor, but this watch can also playback 640×480 VGA movies.

In fact, it can play almost all audio and video file formats just as long as they aren’t in HD resolution. Since it’s Android-powered, it also supports Adobe’s Flash Player for watching video streams like those from Hulu or Youtube.

While it doesn’t have support for Wi-Fi yet, the I’mWatch has both 3G and Bluetooth connectivity. Those who want to maximize the benefits of this Android smartwatch better get an unlimited data plan. For those who can’t afford such, there’s still a solution for the lack of Wi-Fi. Just pair up the I’mWatch to an Android phone or iPhone! Yes, Blue Sky SRL says this smartwatch can access the Wi-Fi internet connection of almost all Android phones and Apple’s iPhone!

Don’t worry about the Android smartwatch tag of the I’mWatch. It’s still very light and portable to put on the wrist. It measures 55mmx40mmx9mm and weighs only 70 grams! It’s going to be available in different materials and colors. There will be Yellow Gold, White Gold, Pink Gold, Black Gold, Titanium, Aluminum, White, Pink, Light Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, and Black.

As for the battery, this smartwatch is equipped with 600mAh Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries that can last up to 48 hours of standby time and gives 2 hours of talk time. Yes, you can make and receive phone calls on the I’mWatch. You can even do hands-free calling and SMS messaging thanks to its microphone and specialized speech-to-text app!

Blue Sky SRL says I’mWatch is going to retail for €249 or around $360 in Europe this July 2011. No word yet if and when will this Android-powered watch be hitting the American shores, though. Pre-orders are accepted at www.imwatch.it online shop.

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