Slacker Radio Plus: Ads-Free and Unlimited Streaming Plan for $3.99/Month

Slacker Radio is offering a no-ads, unlimited streaming plan for music lovers for just $3.99/month. You get this service from the web and mobile phone anywhere you are on the planet. This news Slacker Radio Plus promo also gives you unlimited number of song skips which is a big improvement since their older Basic Plan only allowed a maximum of 6 song skips.

Slacker Radio Plus Promo

Slacker Radio is charging only $3.99/month for their unlimited and ads-free streaming service.

Slacker Radio Plus Promo or Deal is already live! If you want a very cheap streaming music and internet radio service for your PC and smartphone, sign up at Enjoy a music-only experience without annoying ads. The $3.99/month fee is pretty cheap but for the tightfisted type of guys who live in the US, they might rather use Amazon’s Cloud Player Music Streaming Service for Mac OS X, PC and Android Phones.

Slacker Radio is offering more than 6 million songs in its library. You can listen to them at your PC, iPad, iPhone or Android tablet too because this service offers single-sign up across all devices and platforms once you sign up for the Slacker Radio Plus service. There’s also various talk radio and news-centric stations. Sports, current events, politics, showbiz gossip, take your pick from the thousands of radio stations.

Slacker Radio Plus also allows subscribers to store their favorite stations on their phone’s memory card so that you can store the streamed songs to their phone’s memory card and listen to them even without Wi-Fi or 3G signal! This is a clever way for you to stock up on free songs too if you think about it. This deal is one of the best available for music streaming so sign up immediately!

Another way to store streamed music to your PC is by using StreamWriter, a free software that records songs from internet radio.

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