YouTube Rents Out 3,000 Movies for PC and Google TV Users

We all know that Google executives have been whining about the continuous dollar drain at YouTube. Despite being the #3 most-visited site on the planet, YouTube still can’t generate enough money to help pay for its operating costs. YouTube visitors seem to be lazy in clicking the numerous Google ads on the site. Top management at Google has therefore decided to make YouTube a streaming movie company to rival Netflix and Amazon.

3,000 Youtube Movies for Rent at Cheap Price

Youtube is hoping to generate more revenue by renting out 3,000 new movie titles. It wants to take away business from Netflix!

Yes, YouTube is already offering around 3,000 movie titles for rent to any PC, Mac, Linux or Google TV user in the U.S. since May 9, 2011. Salar Kamangar, YouTube’s Big Boss confirmed it on his blog post. According to Kamangar, six years after YouTube went online, business reality has forced the popular free video-sharing site to offer paid video content to users. They are serving 2 billion video views everyday and they need more money to pay for the bandwidth and server hardware!

You can access the movie channel here, YouTube is offering free movies too but they want people to really pay for their favorite movies. Their asking price is also very affordable and lower than Netflix. You can rent a YouTube movie for $2.99 or $3.99 depending on how recent the movie is. Their library of movies consists of old and new blockbuster hits from Sony Pictures, Warner Bros and NBC Universal.

After paying for a movie, YouTube can stream said video file to your computer or Google TV product such as the Logitech Revue internet TV box. These YouTube movies can also be viewed on the Sony Internet TV with Google TV. As per Google’s announcement, YouTube movies for rent will support up to 4K resolution which is cinema-quality! If you don’t have enough broadband speed to stream such a maxed-out video quality, you can choose to stream in 1080p/720p HD or 640×480 SD.

If you are one of the many legions of YouTube fans, please let us help the site earn more revenue by renting out a movie once or twice a month. Let’s stop using torrents to get our movies. The $2.99 fee is cheap, it’s just cigarette money. We can afford to give it to our beloved YouTube, can’t we? If we don’t help YouTube earn more money soon, Google might decide to shut it down!

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