Avatar Movie Review: Avatar 3D Sci-Fi Epic Movie Review 2009

Avatar Movie Review are now all over the news. Movie reviews of this Avatar 3D sci-fi epic 2009 film were immediately given after the movie was released. By the way, today (December 18, 2009) is Avatar 2009 Movie’s official release date in the United States of America. Now, let us go back into the Avatar Movie Review. Among past CG movies, this movie is the best when it comes to CG quality.

Avatar 3D 2009 Movie Characters: Jake Sully and Neytiri (Na'vi)

Avatar 3D 2009 Movie Characters: Jake Sully and Neytiri (Na'vi Tribe Princess)

For people like us who have seen the film, our Avatar movie review for visuals is a 5-star. There is now question among Avatar movie reviews that this 3D film by James Cameron is indeed the best looking movie on screen ever (that was of course compensated on their expensive $237 million film budget). On our Avatar Movie Review on the cast and characters, we can say that the cast was almost perfect and the chosen cast fitted their characters. Those were the strengths of this film.

You are about to Avatar Movie Review by New York Post. This Avatar 3D Sci-Fi Epic Movie Review 2009 posted by New York Post on YouTube.

However, there are down sides that are about to be revealed on our Avatar movie review. First of all is the length of Avatar 3D Movie which lasted a long two and a half hours. Well, that is one of the signatures of a James Cameron film (e.g.,Titanic). The major downfall revealed on our Avatar movie review and other reviews about this 2009 film is that the story line is a little weak. Most Avatar movie reviews said the story is a bit cliche, thin and anything synonymous to weak.

Overall, James Cameron’s Avatar 3D Sci-Fi 2009 Movie is best CG film so far. People may have been swept off their feet for its visual effects but the it cannot hide the fact that the story line was not that great.

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