Pure Power Mouthguard: A Product of Neuromuscular Dentistry

The New Orleans Saints Mouthpiece: Pure Power Mouthguard was discussed on our previous post. This piece of personal technology was all over the news after the NFL game of New Orleans Saints was said to be using the Pure Power Mouthguard as a mouthpiece. The Pure Power Mouthguard is a product of advance science called Neuromuscular Dentistry. With this science and technology, a mouthpiece such as the Pure Power Mouthguard does not only serve for protection but also makes an athlete stronger, more flexible and has better balance.

Pure Power Mouthguard for Impact Sports used on the Upper Jaw

Pure Power Mouthguard for Impact Sports used on the Upper Jaw

How does the New Orleans Saints mouthpiece, the Pure Power Mouthguard help its users? Here is the answer provided by Dr. Bixby of the Atlantic Center for Advanced Dentistry. According to Dr. Bixby,

The Pure Power MouthGuard provides protection as well as enhancing performance. By helping to properly align and relax muscles in the face, the PPM improves muscle recruitment and vertebrae alignment. The result: improved strength and balance.

The Pure Power Mouthguard (used as New Orleans Saints mouthpiece) was invented by Dr. Makkar. Before a creating a custom-made PPM, the future user is subjected to some test by a certified-PPM dentist. The PPM is not only applicable for impact and non-impact sports but for all activities, too.

Watch this informative or promotional video of the Pure Power Mouthguard.

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