HTC Desire HD Release Date on Vodafone UK and Spain Announced

While Vodafone Spain has announced earlier the availability of HTC Desire HD, Vodafone UK has just made their official announcement on the HTC Desire HD release date in their network. Vodafone UK admitted that their stocks on this device is limited so hurry and get your Desire HD now before their stocks run out.

HTC Desire HD Release Date, Review, Data Plans in the UK, Spain

Sample Photo of HTC Desire HD, One of the Top Android Phones of 2010

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Vodafone UK revealed that the HTC Desire HD can be had for FREE, there’s small catch – a 24-month contract with a plan starting at £35. The 2-year contract with higher data plans and rates of services are more suitable for heavy users, especially those using mobile internet daily, as compared to the 18-month plan/contract. For the 2-year contract, plans start at £25/month + £199.

On the other hand, the 18-month plan tells a different story. The cost is £30 per month + £199 phone cost. You can only get a free HTC Desire HD phone if you sign up for the £40 monthly plan or higher.

If you wish to get the HTC Desire HD A9191 Unlocked GSM Android Phone (contract-free), you can order it on Amazon for almost $900 + shipping fee.

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