Opera 10.63 Free Download Allows Faster Browsing Behind Proxy Servers

As part of our advice in our post on newly-released Mozilla Firefox 3.6.11, a very good alternative is Opera web browser with Turbo. As the name implies, “Turbo” means faster browsing, faster downloads, faster uploads even with a slow connection. This is one very good software if you don’t want your browsing activities interrupted.

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Opera browser just got upgraded once again fixing CPU issues

While we love the older versions of Opera Turbo starting with the Opera 10.60 version, there are still some improvement that have to be done with this software. Yes, the Opera 10.63 free download is already out since October 12, 2010 but we did not want to review it without some testing of its new features.

For starters, the feature of this browser that we love the most is it give the user the ability to browse websites and open web pages behind a proxy server (or servers for that matter). This means even with a very slow internet connection, you will still be able to open hard-to-load websites or graphics-rich web pages because the browser automatically adjusts its Turbo browsing capabilities.

However, this is only useful when you’re on a slow network. You can turn this feature off if your connection speed is normal.

There is one criticism I can say about Opera Turbo (starting from version 10.60), which was observed to have been addressed in the new Opera 10.63 – the 100% CPU usage during start-ups. At least we can say that with the free update, that issue is already history.

Opera 10.63 now is more efficient, loads faster and offers new features we’d love to try ourselves:

1) Opera Unite – allows the user to share files directly from his computer and

2) Mouse Gestures – allows browsing with simple mouse movements/suggestive motion

3) Opera Widgets including Twitter widgets for easier access of Twitter accounts

Despite the fact that we haven’t tried the three features yet, we’ll give them some test runs in the near future. For now, we’re happy with Opera 10.63’s performance because browsing during slow connections is it’s primary use for us. This has saved us many hours waiting for our connection to become stable. In fact, we cannot even access this site during slow connections because we’re using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) which makes it more difficult to access especially when our CDN servers have difficulties communicating with our browsers. With Opera Turbo, we still were able to publish our articles without problems and errors because it compresses web pages and serves them faster.

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  1. Henry says:

    This browser is faster than any other browser