Samsung Craft 4G With No-Contract LTE Service in Las Vegas: MetroPCS Offers Samsung Craft 4G to US Customers

The Samsung Craft 4G mobile phone will be available in the US contract-free! MetroPCS Communications made history by being the first mobile operator to offer commercial 4G LTE service in the United States. This new LTE or Long Term Evolution offers unlimited talk, text and 4G web access for as low as $55/month inclusive of taxes and regulatory fees. MetroPCS also becomes the first carrier to offer the world’s first LTE-compatible handset, the Samsung Craft 4G-ready phone. LTE service is now available for Las Vegas and will soon expand to other MetroPCS-covered cities in USA.

Long Term Evolution or LTE is the latest mobile network technology that can provide downlink peak rates of at least 100 Mbit/s, an uplink of at least 50 Mbit/s and RAN round-trip times of less than 10 ms. LTE supports scalable carrier bandwidths, from 1.4 MHz to 20 MHz and supports both frequency division duplexing (FDD) and time division duplexing (TDD). MetroPCS in partnership with Samsung Telecommunications America has finished building the first-ever LTE network infrastructure in Las Vegas. The service is now ready for commercial service.

MetroPCS LTE Picture Showing Samsung Craft 4G Phone

MetroPCS is the first American carrier to offer LTE 4G service. It's contract-free plan applies to Samsung Craft 4G phone.

Famous for offering unlimited, no-annual-contract, flat-rate wireless services in the States, MetroPCS is again offering their 4G LTE coverage without any contract. MetroPCS is only the fifth-largest carrier in the US but hopefully, this unlimited and no-contract policy will help them gain more customers. The company is offering two options to interested Las Vegas residents. With Samsung Craft 4G, you may choose between a $55 or $60 a month plan that includes unlimited talk, text and web surfing on super fast 4G internet speed!

“The Internet is going mobile, and we are placing the true power of the Internet directly in our customers’ hands, when and where they need it. By offering affordable, predictable and flexible 4G services on a no-contract basis, MetroPCS delivers immediate benefits to our customers and is positioned to meet their evolving needs well into the future,” said Roger D. Linquist, president, CEO and chairman of MetroPCS. “We are delivering a 4G LTE service that is unmatched in value and positions MetroPCS as a full-service broadband wireless provider – a giant step for our business.” Mobile phone users in the States have high hopes that T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless and AT&T will follow the steps of MetroPCS.

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