Nokia Releases New Qt SDK with Qt 4.7 and Qt Creator 2.0.1 for Creating Nokia Apps

Nokia of Finland is pleased to announce that their Qt SDK platform gets a new updated version with upgraded components for Qt 4.7 and Qt Creator 2.0.1. The Qt SDK is Nokia’s cross-platform development kit for programmers who wish to create applications for desktop, mobile and embedded apps for Symbian 3 OS and Meego operating systems.

As we all know, Nokia Phones are very popular around the globe but the fact remains that mobile phones running Android OS and iOS-devices are now becoming more popular even in third-world countries.

Nokia QT SDK screenshot

The new Nokia Qt SDK gets updated with Qt IDE 4.7 and Qt Creator 2.0.1

Nokia is hoping their new user-friendly Qt SDK will help them gain market share in the in the emerging smartphone business.

The new Qt. 4.7 comes with a new convenient visual designer component called Qt Quick which is a high-level UI technology that allows developers and UI artists to work together in creating animated, touch-enabled user interfaces and lightweight applications.

Qt Quick doesn’t require C++ programming skills but it is 100% based on Qt and can be extended from C++.

You can create any user interface designs that you creatively visualize and Qt will render the necessary codes automatically. Here are the other new features of Nokia Qt SDK which you can use in creating Nokia Apps:

  • Create animated, touch-enabled UIs and apps
  • QML (Qt Meta-Object Language) is a very easy to use declarative language
  • Develop mobile applications for Symbian and MeeGo
  • Ensure better runtime performance
  • Incorporate the web into your applications
  • Start using components of Qt Quick, the new Qt UI Creation Kit

If you are interested in creating apps or games for the Symbian OS and the new MeeGo operating system, you may download the Qt SDK at

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