4″ Glow Sticks 24 Pack: Darice Color Glow Sticks w/ Lanyards and Hangers on SALE

The 4″ Glow Sticks 24 Pack (Assorted Colors) by Darice are perfect for this coming Halloween and even for camping. These are not just toys for kids but also of use for adults to provide luminous light. It can light-up a Mountain Trails Grand Pass Family Dome Tent in case there isn’t much moonlight at night at the camp site.

Darice 4" Glow Sticks 24 Pack Price and Specs

24 pieces of Darice 4-inch Assorted Color Glow Sticks with Lanyards and Hangers

The neon-colored 4-inch glow sticks are also great for parties, outdoor activities and bars. It is Easy to Use: Just bend and shake to activate glow stick. The Darice 4″ Glow Stick comes with a lanyard and hanger for easy handling that are both removable.

In the Darcie 4″ Glow Sticks 24 Pack (Assorted Colors), each stick measures 4-inches in length and 0.38-inch in diameter while each lanyard is 25-inches. It would be great to hang it inside the Build a Fort Kit tent.

Today on Woot, 1 Darice 4″ Assorted Color Glow Sticks w/ Lanyards and Hangers – 24 Count (12 2-Packs) can be purchased and shipped for $7.99 only. There are 6 different colors – yellow, green, red, purple, orange and blue. These toys are only recommended for ages 3 and up.

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