Neat Receipts NR-030108 Mobile Scanner and Software Specifications

Neat Receipts NR-030108 Mobile Scanner with NeatWorks Version 4.0 Digital Filing System‘s great features were introduced in an earlier post on this site. The previous article also provided some info about Neat Receipts Mobile Scanner with NeatWorks 4.0 Digital Filing System’s price and details of a cheap deal. Now, let us learn this piece of portable high-tech gadget. Provided here are specs of Neat Receipts NR-030108 Mobile Scanner and its NeatWorks 4.0 digital filing system software.

Neat Receipts NR-030108 Mobile Scanner hooked with a laptop

Neat Receipts NR-030108 Mobile Scanner hooked with a Laptop

Neat Receipts NR-030108 Mobile Scanner List of Specifications:

  • Portable color/grayscale/B&W CIS
  • USB powered, no external power supply needed
  • Maximum Resolution: 600 dpi
  • Speed: approximately 3-4 receipts per minute
  • Scan area: 1” x 1″ x 14”
  • Dimensions: (W) 10.8” x (D) 1.6” x (H) 1.3”
  • Weight: 10.6 oz

NeatWorks Version 4.0 Digital Filing System Software Specifications List:

  • NeatWorks Version 4.0
  • Data can be sent to .XLS (Microsoft Excel), .RTF (Word), Outlook, .OFX, .QIF (Quicken), .TXF (TurboTax), .IIF (QuickBooks), . CSV, HTML, and Plaxo
  • Images can be saved in JPEG, PDF, and other popular formats
  • Read U.S. and Canadian receipts and business cards
  • Database can scale to approximately 1.5 million receipts

Before you can actually use the NR-030108 Neat Receipts Mobile Scanner with NeatWorks 4.0 Digital Filing System, you must have a desktop computer or laptop to hook it up to and install the scanning software.

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  1. ssybesma says:

    I’m just angry because their software is buggy.
    Scanned a bunch of receipts, then updated the software thinking everything was cool. Lost the last 6 or 7 that I scanned right after the upgrade.

    Way to go guys! Your software is buggy and yet incredibly expensive!!! I can do this a lot cheaper and more reliably with a regular scanner and no special software that is designed to delete your scanned images once you update it!!!

    Damn this product!!!

  2. Bob Gestwicki says:

    I had what I wanted when I used Vista 32bit. The neatscan software version scanned to MSOffice. That’s the functionality I need. Much smaller file sizes than creating pdfs. Question. Can this scanner be used with Microsoft Document Imaging? If so, would a generic driver work that would just get the scanner to scan? I don’t need the other functionality of NeatWorks.

  3. thieslarry says:

    I have been trying for over a month with at least a dozen emails back and forth to their help support to correct my neat receipt software error issue. Everytime I have requested they simply get me a phone number to call so I can go through it step by step, but they said they is against company policy. Well out side of costing me a lot of time and effort, this inconvenience has created delays with my accounting department. If you buy this product be prepared to get screwed. Too bad they can’t support the product they sell.


    Larry Thies
    Program Director

  4. dave says:

    Forget Neat Receipts. Don’t buy this rip-off product. I am livid. They are scammers.

    I bought the slightly older version, and now only a few months later, THEY WANT YOU TO PAY $30.00 TO UPGRADE TO THEIR WINDOWS 7 SOFTWARE which I was told would be available on their website shortly.

    Yes, it is available on their website, FOR THIRTY ADDITIONAL DOLLARS I DIDN’T EXPECT TO PAY.

    Can you imagine every other piece of hardware that you own charging you to upgrade to a simple driver for Windows 7? Imagine if your printer, your mouse, your monitor, your scanner, laser printer, camera, all suddenly said “cough up $30 so you can continue to use your product because you upgraded to THE DE FACTO STANDARD OPERATING SYSTEM EVERYONE HAS UPGRADED TO NOW”. It’s not like it’s a beta product OS.

    Shame on Neat Receipts. They probably just lost about $2 million in angry customers. Smart business move, guys. I guess mine is going in the garbage now as a piece of unusable junk. I refuse to pay $30 for a driver upgrade. I’d even be annoyed at $6, but this is outrageous.

    Thanks for nothing.

    Yes, an angry customer.

    • Todd Budde says:

      @dave, I agree! Rip off! I am in the same situation! How can they do that? Pieces of shit! I will never buy or recommend their crap again!

  5. Joe says:

    Pls can you help me my windows is windows 7 and i cant use my neat nr-030108 scanner

  6. Joe says:

    I have Neat Receipts NR-030108 and my OS is windows 7. can u pls help me to get the software for windows 7?

    • Todd Budde says:

      @Joe, Can you believe it?! Neat Scan bastards want to charge $30 for a new driver!!! I will never buy from them again!

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