HDRtist 1.1 Photo Editor Review: Download Free Software for Editing HDR Photos on Mac

Our HDRtist 1.1 Photo Editor review remains very positive. Ohanaware’s free image editing software HDRtist 1.1 for me is the undisputed best free HDR-manipulation app in the world today. I stumbled upon this amazing software while browsing a photography forum last night. I had to unearth my old Mac Mini to test it out and boy, I can proudly say this HDRtist is magnificent! HDRtist is one photo editor you gotta try with your Mac. But if you prefer to edit your photos online, try Picnik Online Photo Editor, another free app designed to edit images online which only requires an active internet connection and is easy on your PC’s resources.

Logo of HDRtist 1.1, Free Downloadable Photo Editing Tool

It’s very rare to find something that lets you create high dynamic range photos in two easy steps. HDRtist 1.1 is a very simple program that allows you to drag and drop a JPEG file and lets you create an HDR image quickly via a slide control button. You don’t even need to have 3 or more multiple photos taken in different exposure settings to create a decent HDR image. This, for me, is an amazing feature since I’m lazy to manipulate so many buttons during the times I edit my pictures.

HDRtist 1.1 is capable of creating a high dynamic range image using only one JPEG image. The resulting pseudo-HDR from this single photo is believable enough to fool even a seasoned photographer. As far as my experience goes, my HDRtist-created high definition landscape is almost as good as that one processed by LucisArt ED/SE which cost me $395 dollars!

HDRtist is at first glance has a plain interface as shown by this screenshot but underneath it all is a good engine that outputs impressive HDR images. You just drop images on the window and then have fun dragging the slider control on the bottom left. The slider control lets you manipulate the strength of HDR editing you want to dump on your image. It is a very intuitive process that even an 8-year old kid can quickly produce amazing photography. If you are an amateur photographer and can’t afford or know how to use Photoshop CS4, use HDRtist to impress your friends and prospective customers.

Sample Photo Edited With Hdrtist Photo Editor

The latest version, HDRtist 1.1 is absolutely for free and you get it from ohanaware.com/hdrtist/HDRtist.zip. You can also see some venerable HDR samples created from HDRtist on Ohanaware’s gallery. The updated version allows you to do automatic aligntment of multiple images. It now supports multiple RAW image processing too. For such an outstanding product, HDRtist should not be free and I’m afraid Ohanaware might just make it pay to use in the near future so get it now while it’s given free for all to use.

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