How to Make Blurry Pictures Taken by Digital Cameras Clearer with Unshake 1.5 Free Software

No matter how pricey your digital camera like Nikon Coolpix P7000, there will be times you will still get unfocused or blurry images. The lightweight and small size of the latest point-and-shoot digital cameras have made them prone to camera-shake blurring. It is always upsetting to see a good shot being ruined by an unsteady hand. It is also unavoidable that you will encounter a moving subject that your camera’s auto-focus camera won’t be able to cope up with.

Fret no more; I have the perfect solution for this nagging problem. I too have suffered from this misery of blurry photos that need optimization. A British photographer recommended that I should try using a program called Unshake.

I heeded his advice and went to Google “Unshake Free Software”. I managed to find it and had it installed last night at my old Pentium 4. Here is the download link to Unshake 1.5 free software, get it from

The latest version is Unshake 1.5 release 1 and it’s a free Java-based deblurring program created by M.D. Cahill. Since it is coded in Java, it’s cross-platform and will work on any Windows, Linux or Mac OS versions that has the Java Runtime Environment installed. There are other Photoshop-compatible filters that do the same deblurring that Unshake does. But this program is for free for personal use and doesn’t bug you with adwares.

After you download it and you are sure you already have Java on your computer, you can just unzip the Unshake file. First thing you should do is to launch the index.htm of the package so you can learn about how to use it. Just like other top online photo editors or image optimizers like Picnik Online Photo Editor and RIOT Freeware Unshake 1.5

Blurry photographs can never really be magically turned in to 100% sharpness. However, Unshake 1.5 uses an excellent deconvolution algorithm that lets it produce very remarkable blur correction. The creator explained that this software does “automatic blind deconvolution” based on the Fourier-Transforms mathematical technique.

I am not gonna befuddle you further by elaborating on this. All I can say is that Unshake did sharpen my photos into something decent and worth printing. I only noticed that this program is a bit slow in processing the images. Even a 3MB picture took more than 5 minutes. I wish the developer could address this issue of speed.

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