Transcend Premium TS32GSDHC6 Class 6 32GB SDHC Card Features and Specs

Transcend Premium 32GB SDHC Class 6 Card (TS32GSDHC6) is partnered with a FREE Windows 7 OS compatible photo recovery software that can be downloaded from Transcend’s official download website. The Transcend Premium TS32GSDHC6 Card is compatible with all SDHC-labeled host devices. Learn more of this Transcend Class 6 SDHC Card’s features and specs below.

Transcend Premium TS32GSDHC6 Class 6 32GB SDHC Card Features and Specifications List:

  • SDHC Class 6 compliant
  • Easy to use, plug-and-play operation
  • Fully compatible with SD 2.0 Standards
  • Complies with Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI) portable device requirements
  • Built-in Error Correcting Code (ECC) to detect and correct transfer errors
  • Supports Content Protection for Recordable Media (CPRM)
  • Allows In System Programming (ISP) for updating firmware
  • Supports auto-standby, power-off and sleep modes
  • Mechanical write-protection switch
  • RoHS compliant
  • Specific Operational Voltage: 2.7V~3.6V
  • Operational Temperature: -25°C(-13°F) to 85°C(185°F)
  • Durability: 10,000 insertion/removal cycles

The number of images and length of videos that can be stored in the Transcend Premium 32GB SDHC Class 6 Card (TS32GSDHC6) may vary depending on the digital camera or digital video camcorder used.

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Transcend Flash Cards: Secure Digital High-Capacity Cards

The Transcend Premium TS32GSDHC6 Card’s storage capacity depends upon the resolution settings of the camera/camcorder and the subject. In our observation, subjects taken with vivid colors tend to have a higher file size compared to those with black or white backdrop. With 32GB, the Transcend Premium TS32GSDHC6 Card can store many photos and long videos. Here is a link on the Transcend SDHC Cards Storage Capacity chart.

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