Sony Active Shutter 3D Glasses Review and Price | Amazon Deal Promo Only $150 + Shipping Fee

If you own any of the Bravia 3D TV models from Sony, please be informed that you can now purchase the Sony Active Shutter 3D glasses from Amazon for only under $150 with free shipping within continental U.S. The Sony TDGBR100 3D eyewear will, at last, let you experience true 3D-cinema entertainment right at your own living room or bedroom. Sony is known for selling their products with pricey tags but surprisingly, this 3D glasses is priced reasonably well. Brava 3D TV sets are selling for more than $3,000 so if you can afford that much, why not buy 4 of these Sony 3D glasses so all your family members will enjoy 3D movies at the same time.

Sony TDGBR100B 3D Eyeglasses Sample Photo

Sony TDGBR100B Active Shutter 3D Glasses Are Way Too Cool!

The Sony Active Shutter 3D glasses review will be posted here when we have tried teh gadget ourselves. In the meantime, here are some more info about this item. These Sony 3D Glasses were first unveiled during CES 2010 and Hollywood actor Tom Hanks was even shown wearing an early prototype during the event. Sony has finally delivered it this month and Amazon is the first online retailer to carry the item. Expect Sony to sell more 3D HDTV with the introduction of these glasses. The sexy TDGBR100 is built to impress with its wrap-around design. It isn’t bulky which we would have expected from a 3D goggles. Its ergonomically-designed with adjustable frames. It also has side-panels to block out excess light and, to my great delight, they are designed to fit over prescription glasses. I hate wearing contacts so I still wear my plastic black frame glasses to do about my daily life, I’m glad Sony made their 3D glasses compatible with geeks like me who already have existing eye wears.

What’s more, Sony promises that this TDGBR100 glasses is so power-efficient, you can enjoy 100 hours of 3D viewing or gaming before its batteries runs out of juice. Using it will be a piece of cake, just snap it on and turn on your Bravia TV and the 3D glasses will automatically synch with your TV to provide you the best 3D-video entertainment!

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