Sanwa 400-GADR002W Multi-Card Reader for Android Smartphones and Tablets with KSFile Manager

The Sanwa 400-GADR002W card reader connects your phone or tablet PC via their micro USB port. It’s a Plug-N-Play device – plug it in and you get a full size USB port and a multi-card reader similar in function as the Transcend 13-in-1 USB Card Reader! It’s a brilliant idea considering that more than 200 million people in the world now own an Android device. It uses power from your tablet so this product doesn’t come with a power cable or batteries.

Sanwa 400-GADR002W Card Reader for Droid Phones and Tablet Computer

Sample Photo of Sanwa 400-GADR002W

Yes, my friends, the advent of larger screen Android devices has made a lot of people do more than just browse the web with them.

Now with the release of Sanwa 400-GADROO2W multi-card reader, it’s now easy for you to transfer photos, videos, documents, music and other files for editing on your phone or tablet computer.

Unless you’re using the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1-Inch with SD Card Reader, you’ll be needing this cheap card reader for your droid phones and tablets. You don’t even need a data cable to do this feat once you own this card reader dock.

Sanwa claims this card reader dock is compatible with most Android OS 2.1 or higher phone/tablet. They have tested it to work seamlessly with Samsung Galaxy S II Android Phone, Sony Ericsson Xperia models (like Sony Xperia S Android Smartphone), Toshiba Regza ISO4 Droid Phone and Sony S-Series of tablets more specifically the Sony S2 Android Tablet PC.

This product comes with a free bundled app called KSFile Manager that you can install on your phone or tablet computer.

With a full size USB port, you will be able to connect a keyboard or a mouse to your Motorola Xoom 2 Tablet PC (with Kal-el processor) and create long text-heavy documents with ease. Some Android games like Alchemy game app (important in the combination of Elements) will also benefit from keyboard or mouse controls.

The 400-GADR002W Card Reader Dock for Android retails for 3,280 Yen in Japan (or US$40 suggested retail price in the USA).

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