Pioneer BDP-330 and BDP-LX53 Blu-Ray Players Review: Web-Enabled, Low-Cost and Might Support Netflix

At long last, Pioneer has finally come up with internet-enabled Blu-Ray players. Its competitors (Sony, Samsung and others) have already released Blu-Ray players with integrated support for web media streaming. Pioneer announced the commercial availability of their BDP-330 and BDP-LXP3 Blu-Ray players starting this month. The company has already launched this Singapore this week with retail price of S$399 (US$289.57) for the BDP-330 and S$549 (US$398.43) for the high-end BDP-LXP3.

Pioneer BDP-330 and BDP-LXP3 Blu-Ray Players Sample Photo

Pioneer BDP-330 and BDP-LXP3 Blu-Ray Players are now Web-Enabled and Sold Cheap!

Both the Pioneer BDP-330 and BDP-LX53 Blu-Ray Player models have a release date before the end of July 2010. Pioneer BDP-330 and BDP-LX53 Blu-Ray players’ release date in the US, Canada and UK will be updated here shortly after the official announcement from the manufacturers. Technical specs of these cheap blu-ray players are impressive. For one, they have an Ethernet port for internet connection – really something new. There’s also an option for a WiFi USB dongle if you prefer to use them in a wireless setting. These players can now stream Youtube movies and RSS feeds. The company has so far failed to confirm if these players will also support premium websites like Hulu or NetFlix. But since this device can stream internet content, expect to be able to watch any free streaming movies or videos on the internet.

Aside from making Pioneer BDP-330 and Pioneer BDP-LX53 Blu-Ray players, the company has also included a free iControlAV app that’s compatible with all iPhone and iPod Touch units. This app will let you control the BDP-330 and BDP-LXP3 players with your iPhone through WiFi signal! Pioneer claims that their USB WiFi dongle sports very powerful WiFi transceivers that even people from behind walls can still control their Blu-Ray players!

As for the essential Blu-Ray functions, both these players can natively decode high-resolution Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio surround sound. They are also BD-Live ready. BD-Live means you can download more content for your BD-Live compatible movies.

Another excellent feature for these two is that they both use Pioneer’s proprietary PQLS technology that’s designed to eliminate audio and video jitter over HDMI connections.

If you are in the market for a new Blu-Ray player, buy the Pioneer BDP-330. It’s been upgraded for web connectivity but still comes with a cheap asking price. The more expensive BDP-LXP3 is a luxury choice for rich bastards. This pricier model boasts a tough, armored-chassis and more expensive components but it does

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  1. Roberto Dinoa says:

    I would like to update my pionner bdp-330.Could you please send me a firmware to update?

  2. Vijay says:

    Bdp-320 and Bdp Lx52 were the last of the pioneer built blu ray players in Malaysia. From the Series Bdp-330 & bdp-Lx53, they are built on Sharp platforms in China and tweaked to Pioneer specs. The quality and build is very low compared to Bdp-320 and Bdp Lx52. They are no longer the high standard pioneer products we are used to all these years.

    Pioneer stopped making Plasma last year and this year they have given up making bluray players too.

    Future Pioneer TV’s will be made in JV with Panasonic and Bluray players are aready in the market with a JV with SHARP.

    I request fans of Pioneer to grab what ever models of BDP-320 and LX52 that are available in the market, as they will never be surpassed in the future in terms of build quality and performance.

  3. Eric Loh says:

    Kindly advise BDP -330 & BDP-320 IN TERM OF SOUND AND PICTURE QUALITY WHICH IS BETTER? wHICH IS HIGH END MODEL? i CAN SEE THE PRICE IS ABOUT RM200 DIFFERENCE? What i can find in BDP320 will it be in bdp330? ALos, what is the picture bits 36 bits or 48 bits for bdp330?