HSTi USB Wireless Media Stick for Android Tablet PC and Android Phones

Another exciting gadget that will debut at the CES 2011 this week is HSTi’s Wireless Media Stick which is specifically designed to work for new Android phones and Android tablet PC’s. Wireless streaming is provided through the USB plug-in and Wi-Fi connection.

HSTi Wireless Media Stick Price and Debut at CES 2011

Want to stream songs and movies from your Android phone? Try the new HSTi Wireless Media Stick!

Even cheap Android devices can now wirelessly stream music, photo and video files to large-screen monitors or home audio system that supports Wi-Fi. The HSTi Wireless Media Stick serves as a wireless bridge which you plug in to the USB port of Android phone, tablet or router.

This USB stick will then read and play any media file as if it is stored in it even though it is stored on your Android device. Latency won’t be an issue, HD movies will playback smoothly. Even low-powered Android phones will work perfectly with this Wireless Media Stick.

The corresponding Android app for this gadget will be available to download next week from the Android Market. While it still has to see its official launch at CES 2011, you may now purchase the HSTi Wireless Media Stick for $119.99 at http://hsti.com/shop/wireless-media-sticktm-2-0-new-look-4.html

If you don’t have any Android phone or tablet, this USB media streaming plug-it will also work seamlessly with any Windows or Macbook Pro 15-Inch netbook or laptops with USB 2.0 ports.

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