GigaByte AIRE M1 Retractable Mouse: Good Alternative to Battery-Guzzling Wireless Mouse

While wireless mouse products are praised for their portability and convenience, they still do suffer from battery drains. GigaByte has come up with an ideal alternative with their AIRE M1 retractable mouse. It offers the same mobile convenience of a wireless mouse but costs less and is environmentally-friendly like Genius DX-Eco Battery-free Wireless Mouse because it doesn’t use batteries! Consider also that most wireless mouse products requires you to plug in a USB wireless connector to a computer and before you can use it you are required to install special software drivers.

Cheap Gigabyte Aire M1 Retractable Mouse Review, Pricing Details and Technical Specs

Sample Image of the Low-Cost Gigabyte Aire M1, a Retractable and Eco-Friendly Mouse

Well, sometimes people do forget where they put the installation cd or the USB plug-in transmitter like those who have purchased Targus AMB03US Wireless Bluetooth Laser Mouse! With the AIRE M1, it’s a simple plug and play device that requires no installation and will work with any computer that supports USB 2.0 or USB 1.1 ports.

The GigaByte AIRE M1 is small and pocketworthy, the retractable cord slides neatly under for quick tucking in to your laptop bag. The cord is made of tough materials and it can survive daily repeated use of up to 2 years period. It is perfect for busy professionals that are occasionally on the road. While laptops and netbooks have touch pads, a real mouse is still the best pointing device for business productivity and presentations.

Therefore, I highly recommend that you buy the AIRE M1 retractable mouse. It is now being sold in Europe for just 10 Euros (about US$13.30 in the United States and Canada) a piece. It’s a cheap price for such a brilliant product. The mini-size of the AIRE M1 makes it even worthy of using with your Android tablet, iPad 2 and the new iPad 3 Features compatible with these devices. Gaming is still better done with a mouse than touchscreen based movements.


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