Dell Wasabi PZ310 Inkless Printer: An Inkless Photo Printer

Dell launched an inkless printer (yes, a zero-ink printer) named Wasabi PZ310. This is the first color photo printer I know that does not need ink. The Dell Wasabi PZ310 can print photos using Bluetooth, can hold up to 12 sheets of adhesive-backed paper, and according to Dell’s sales pitch, it “Never runs out of ink because there is no ink (Zero Ink paper required.)” For those of you who want an inkless printer, this one is for you. I would certainly buy one when it becomes available in the Philippines. Also, it is currently sold for only $99 – a great value for a nice-looking inkless photo printer (with a weird name, sound like a Japanese sauce).

Wasabi Inkless Printer: Wasabi PZ310 Sample Photo 1

Wasabi Inkless Printer: Wasabi PZ310 Sample Photo 2

Wasabi Inkless Printer: Wasabi PZ310 Sample Photo 3

If I were to review Dell Wasabi PZ310, I’d give it a two-thumbs up. It’s one cheap and cost-effective printer but there’s just one thing that I have to find out before finally giving my verdict on this gadget – the price of the inkless paper compatible with this printer. The unit price of Dell Wasabi PZ310 but the inkless paper that is designed for this printer might be more expensive that I hope.

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