Continuance USB Rechargeable AA Battery Specifications and Eco-Friendly Features

The rechargeable AA battery standard is still very much prevalent in the world today. It is still found on thousands of electronic products. While there has been some advancement to the AA battery concept like the invention of rechargeable Nickel Cadmium batteries, we need a big upgrade to this standard battery. Enter the Continuance USB Rechargeable AA Battery! It comes with a USB port so you can recharge almost indefinitely and actually help reduce global pollution and probably make Energizer Universal 18000 mAh Portable Battery Pack and Charger a less-preferred device in the future.

Continuance USB AA Battery Concept Design, Specs, Features

Yes, it makes me wonder why there are still no USB-equipped battery available today.

The Continuance USB Rechargeable battery is a concept design made by Xiameng Hu, Hailong Piao and Haimo Bao. They are still waiting for funding to create a working prototype of this Earth-friendly product. They are right, adding a simple USB port to AA batteries is a perfect way to reduce the garbage and toxins generated by the billions of AA batteries that the world consumes.

Of course, adding a USB port to the small size of the AA battery will reduce the stored power in it but still it will be enough to power the usual MP3 players or digital cameras. And if you look at it, it’s USB. Once the Continuance battery runs out of juice, just plug it in to your computer or a USB-equipped power outlet!

I hope the Continuance USB Rechargeable AA battery comes to commercial distribution. It’s one of this year’s very simple yet very useful invention. I’m willing to chip in a few dollars to help Xiameng Hu and his team fund their invention.


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