Aiptek Pocket Cinema T25 Pico Projector Price and Specs

Fancy about getting yourself or a loved one a pico projector? J & R is offering the lowest price for the Aiptek Pocket Cinema T25 Pico Projector. Their price of $223.99 with free ground shipping is definitely a steal. It is a bit higher than the Optoma PK-100 DLP Pico Projector but fair enough for its amazing miniature size. That’s more than $100 lower than the original price of $322. It is available at

Aiptek Pocket Cinema T25 Price Discount and Basic Specs

It may not be the smallest pico projector but the Aiptek Pocket Cinema T25 doesn't need any battery nor power adapter, powered through USB cable.

The Aiptek Pocket Cinema T25 is a palm-sized projector that has the unique feature of being USB-powered. It’s a great mobile projection solution that’s easy to carry and doesn’t require any battery or power source. You can bring this cheap projector with your notebook or tablet computer and you can project movies, photos, documents and music anywhere. This Pico projector will operate on a single USB port so it’s very power efficient too.

With a compact dimension of 7.5×6.5×3.2 inches and weighing only 1 lb., the Aiptek Pocket Cinema T25 will nicely fit your pocket. While it is tiny, it can project images up to 73-inch size. The Pocket Cinema T25 boasts a Lumen rating of 25 and has a 400:1 contrast ratio. The 800×600 resolution should be good enough for any occasion. This device uses LCoS optical technology to generate sharp and well-saturated images.

Other than the Aiptek Pocket Cinema T25 Pico Projector, other cheap projectors were featured on our site such as the AAXA P1 Jr. Pico Projector.

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