Toshiba TY-WSD9 Wireless Speaker Preview: Cheap Speakers That Are Also Waterproof

If you enjoy listening to music while you soak in your bath tub or under the shower but cannot afford a Sony ALTUS ALT-A33PC S-AIR Wireless Audio Delivery System, I highly recommend you consider buying the new Toshiba TY-WSD9 multi-function wireless speaker. Toshiba’s latest speakers boast an exceptional waterproof IPX4 construction. This ingenious design makes this speaker an all-weather speaker. You can use it under a pouring rain!

TOSHIBA TY-WSD9 Wireless Speaker Price, Technical Specs, Features and Release Date

Waterproofing makes the Toshiba TY-WSD9 wireless speaker a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts. You get a guaranteed music machine even if the weather is not cooperating.

The Toshiba TY-WSD9 uses the wireless 2.4 GHz spectrum technology. It can stream any audio file from almost all electronic devices such as mobile phones, HDTV, computer, netbooks, laptops, DVD, iPod, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad Tablet PC, etc…It’s effective range of transmission is a respectable 25 meters. It comes with two 1.2 Watt speakers and it’s loud enough for real sound tripping without the hassle of a headset or earphone.

Portability is also an apt feature of the Toshiba TY-WSD9 because it uses ordinary AAA or AA size batteries. Energy efficiency is another great trait of this speaker since it can do 11 hours of continuous operation before needing fresh batteries or a new recharge. If you need a rechargeable speaker, check out Logitech Z515 Wireless Rechargeable Speaker as an option.

Lastly, as a bonus attribute, the Toshiba TY-WSD9 has a one-way voice mode command feature wherein you can use like a mini-megaphone. Toshiba is now selling this product n in Japan for 13,000 Yen or around $158.00. For us, that is already a cheap price considering its rugged construction, good features and specs not found in other models within the same price range. Expect the Toshiba TY-WSD9 wireless speaker to get released worldwide before 2011 ends. No exact release date was announced but we’ll give you the necessary updates on this affordable waterproof speaker.


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