Genius Navigator 905 Vogue Wireless Mouse Price on Sale for $45!

Compared to the Razer Salmosa Gaming Mouse RZ01-00240100 which is a cheap mouse, a brand new Genius Navigator 905 Vogue Wireless Mouse is much more pricey. However, gamers and office workers should replace their wired optical mouse with the new Genius Navigator 905 Vogue wireless mouse. Featuring best-in-class functionality, this input device will work on any surface thanks to its advanced BlueEye tracking technology. Genius has upgraded the Navigator 905 Vogue mouse with up to 1200 dpi movement accuracy that’s already comparable to highly-sensitive Wacom Bamboo Pen CTL460 Graphics Pen Tablet. It’s even rated to work comfortably on fragile LCD screens of the HD laptops!

Genius Navigator 905 Vogue Wireless Mouse Price Details and Features

Tired of getting tangled up with your old USB or PS/2 mouse? Why not try the new Genius Navigator 905 Vogue Wireless mouse!

The Genius Navigator 905 Vogue will cost you $45, a tad expensive for a wireless mouse but it’s all worth it. The 2.4GHz RF technology used by this wireless mouse guarantees zero-interference operation. The working distance is greatly improved, allowing wider freedom of movement. If you want to control your HTPC and HDTV from your living couch, this mouse will serve you perfectly!

This mouse comes with a very small Plug & Play (PNP) USB pico receiver that can be stored inside the Vogue’s casing for safe and easy storage. Accordingly, the convenient Stick-N-Go mount lets you stick on the Navigator 905 Vogue to your netbooks like one of our favorites, the System76 Lemur UltraThin 13.3-inch Ubuntu Notebook, or laptops after you are done using it. No more messy USB cable to crowd your laptop bag.

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