Sanwa TBL-01UBK Multi-Purpose Tablet: Cheap Alternative to Wacom Tablets

Wacom’s global domination of the professional graphics tablet market might soon face stiff competition from Japan’s Sanwa. The Japanese manufacturer has recently brought to market the all-new Sanwa TBL-01UBK Multi-purpose Tablet in Japan for only 7,300 Yen or around $88.00!

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If you are a struggling Advertising student who can't afford a Wacom, wait for the international release of Sanwa's TBL-01UBK Tablet.

While Taiwanese companies like Genius tried to muscle into Wacom’s territory with cheaper tablet products but most of them failed to garner commercial popularity and they all quit the business. Sanwa TBL-01UBK Tablet can pose a serious threat to Wacom’s main moneymaker because it offers the same wireless operation and ease of use at a much lower price point. The $88 price tag is even lower than the cheapest Wacom Bamboo Pen CTL460 Graphics Pen Tablet!

Boasting 1024 different types of brushes, the Sanwa TBL-01UBK Tablet does have an edge against Wacom’s mid-range Intuos graphics tablet product line. Sanwa says the TBL-01UBK tablet is not only cheaper but also offers seamless compatibility with industry standards like Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Office. Build quality is apparently excellent since it’s a Japanese brand and Sanwa’s a stickler for quality product as shown by their electronic appliances.

As a graphic artist, I’ve been a Wacom loyalist since 1996 but Sanwa TBL-01UBK Tablet is an enticing buy since it cost almost 1/3 the price of my old Wacom Graphics tablet! Even my 1-year old Wacom Bamboo tablet cost me $149.99 in Hong Kong which did not even include a mouse. Sanwa’s TBL-01UBK is selling for $88 inclusive of the complimentary mouse in Japan! It is even cheaper than the Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet discounted price at Kmart’s Cyber Monday 2010 Cheapest Tablet PC and Pen Tablets on Sale.


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